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Hub phone re-setting itself each time someone calls??

Our hub phone is rubbish! Every time a call comes in it resets itself - turns off then goes plays a little tune before 'searching for hub'...ringing....then resetting AGAIN!!! It's driving us mad! We literally RUN to the phone to try and intercept the call before it cuts out!

As we use our BT hub number as our business line, this is obviously not ideal...we spend half the time calling people back! We swapped to anytime calls because it was getting so expensive.

Anybody else got this issue or any ideas how to fit it??

Is it worth trying to get a replacement or are BT going to make me fight them for weeks for it?

Thank you very much!!

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Hub phone re-setting itself each time someone calls??

as the new HH3 does not support hub phones and BT talk is no longer available to new customers it is unlikely you will be able to get any new phones.


There are suggestions that BB talk may be phased out but at present it is still available to existing customers

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Re: Hub phone re-setting itself each time someone calls??

Can you find any replacements on that well known auction site.



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