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Hub6 No wifi access, ethernet is ok and working

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I suddenly can't connect via wifi from my PC Laptop or iPod, I've installed a wifi sniffer on the laptop and local hubs in the vicinity can be seen but mine doesn't show. Connecting the laptop via ethernet works fine.

On the hub status page, wifi is shown as OFF but in the wifi settings page it is shown as ON.

I have tried turning the wifi on and off and have reset the hub and also done a power cycle.

Do I have a hardware fault or is there a setting I'm overlooking?


Fullscreen capture 28072019 101323.jpgFullscreen capture 28072019 101338.jpg



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Re: Hub6 No wifi access, ethernet is ok and working

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if factory reset by pressing recessed button on back and holding till lights flash does not get wireless working again then you need to phone CS and asked for replacement which is free as long as still in fixed term contract

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