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Huge unnacounted broadband usage

Posting on behalf of elderly parents who post a few emails and have a look at facebook every now and again. Average broadband use is about 0.3gb a month for the previous year up to end of December and then something strange happened. They got a warning of being close to 10gb limit. I have checked their usage and on 29th and 30th December around 11gb was downloaded and uploaded. Then it goes quiet and a week later on the 5th and 6th there is 7GB of usage. Looking at my usage monitor about 7gb has been used on 12/13th January (while laptop has remained closed).

The security key has not been compromised and the laptop is hardly ever turned on. I thought it sounded like some scheduled virus but could that happen with a laptop turned off? I am really mystified and wondered if anyone had any ideas what might be happening.


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Re: Huge unnacounted broadband usage

Have a search through the forum for similar problems and have a look at this thread

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Re: Huge unnacounted broadband usage

I have just posted an update on my case


is it a cocincidence that that dates of your mystery excess usage is exactly the same as mine and prm1 ??


have you had any joy with BT?


they are refushing to accept liability in my case as i cant prove it was impossible to upload that volume of data and my £120 bill stands!!

good luck

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Re: Huge unnacounted broadband usage

Just got off the phone and they told me another 2gb was used yesterday. I am simply at a loss as to how it has happened. The usage pattern is not one of someone piggybacking the wifi. My parents don't even know their own network key never mind unwittingly give it to anyone.


BT have said they will deliver a new hub(so I will have to go and set up) and hopefully there will be no more issues. I will monitor their future usage and try and get back the excess charges that are going to appear in the next couple of months.


Interesting that others seem to be having the same problem. I guess if they had unlimited broadband this excess would have been ignored but they are reluctant to upgrade for something they might be accused of using themselves. I thought it might all be a ploy to get people to upgrade!

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