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Hybrid Connect didn’t activate when broadband failed

I recently returned to BT and have FTTC with Halo 3+ mainly for the 4G backup. Last night our broadband went down just after midnight and returned about 40 minutes later, but 4G didn’t take over. 

I’m currently away from home diagnosing remotely, however I can see that while hybrid connect shows a status of ready, and connected by Ethernet, there are no resilience events logged on the page for that, and the Smart Hub 2 event log doesn’t seem to show any attempt to activate. 

My setup is slightly unusual as I am running a second router behind the smart hub to manage various things such as WiFi and inbound VPN, therefore that router is the only device the smart hub is aware of, connected via Ethernet and a static IP address (not DHCP assigned) and WiFi is turned off on the smart hub. 

Are there any specifics in the way Hybrid Connect works under the covers that I’m hitting with my own router, or any other requirements for it to kick in?

I don’t think my smart hub has been rebooted since I connected the 4G unit to it as I have only recently completed the training period and don’t want to get into DLM he’ll through too many resets. But I guess that might be the next step to reboot and then disconnect the line to test. 

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