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Hybrid Connect slow speed

I've got decent signal in my house for 4G on EE and BT Mobile, the hybrid Connect is showing -86dBm with three bars now I've connected external aerials I had lying around.

Now when the hub is failed over only getting 4Mbps up and down across the connect and probably should be getting around 20-30Mbps from what the mobile phones are showing, this is in BT Mobile, but suspect EE is using the same masts era.

Looks like a limit on the speed with it tried a few times over the last few weeks.


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Re: Hybrid Connect slow speed

Hi @Rcolby   There clearly is something wrong, is it connected to the SH2 by Ethernet? I used to get 30 Mbps with only two bars. I no longer have it as I decided it wasn’t good value and hadn’t had a broadband outage for years (jinxed it now!).

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