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Re: I can't decided between Sky or BT TV?

BT for me as well. At times I find I watch the Eurosport channels a little more than I do the full BT Sports pack that I still seem to be getting for free.

I not had Sky since left well over 12 years ago. Vigrin just come to my area a few weeks ago and they offer a good choice but I would only maybe watch 40% of there offering. Plus BT TV is a good price and my BT TV package includes the HD channels and the kids channel that I dont watch much. I dont have  4k(UHD). Im due to renew all my BT TV packages in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

At times im more in to TV shows and TV boxes sets as well as at times movies. I dont have the Sky add ons like Sky Movies and Sky Sport but I find the BT TV offering to be fine for what I watch and with me also having Netflix and Amazon Prime Video it still works out a little cheaper than having Sky or Virgin. Im due to renew all my BT packages in the next 4 weeks.

Only thing is BT line retnel is starting to become dear but most companies are starting to become the same.

In the last 6 months its lucky if I have used my landline 4 or 5 times to make a chargable call.

Im on the free weekend call package after downgreading from free evening and weekend calls when I last renewed all my BT packages just under 18 months ago.



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