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I feel "robbed" on 2 fronts. Am I right please

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I have recently had a first bad experience with BT and am REALLY tempted to switch for the first time


In summary my Broadband kept dropping its signal and for months I kept resetting it (and of course it was in a high place). Eventually it did not reset and for a week I had no Broadband (torture). The engineers online tested my Line and insisted there was a fault despite me suggesting it was the Router because of the symptoms


They said an Engineer would call and it would be free as long as it was not due to my Line/Equipment. An Engineer duly called and within 2 minutes confirmed the Router had broken completely and returned to his Van and fitted a "new / different" Router which has worked brilliantly since. He said that he had to complete a load of mandatory checks which he did and on leaving he said there would be no charge for the visit


On my next Bill though there was a charge of an extra £135 for one off items. When I rang BT I was told 2 things that shocked me and form the basis of my questions :


1 The Router was effectively my property and because it was more than a year old and was out of warranty it was my responsibility. I protested and asked how I was expected to receive Broadband from BT if they did not give me a way (*i.e. a Router) to do so.


2 They also said because my contract had expired I was no longer entitled to certain benefits. I was shocked that I had no Contract as I was paying BT "normally" every month and said surely I am still in Contract. I stated that every Insurance , Car Tax and such remind people when their "Contract" or product was nearing the end of its term and I had not had any such communication from BT. So I assume I had been moved to an ongoing Monthly payment which surely IS still a Contract ?


I protested that I had been told twice that I would not be charged and eventually was offered £50 as a goodwill gesture or I could take the matter further if I registered a failure to agree. I did the latter as I was sure I had been disadvantaged at least 4 ways and told BT that when I got the follow up call


I had suffered disruption for months, I had to do without Broadband for a week with no compensation, I had been made to Pay for a new Router even though without it I could not receive a Broadband service AND because I had no contract I was paying more per month than I could have been


They offered me £65 approx and despite my protestations would not go a penny more OR I could go protest further with the Ombudsman. I chose to take the money (a bird in the hand) which I suspect they were banking on me doing


So my questions are really ?:


1 have I been done initially by being made to pay for the Router ?


2 should I have taken this further iinstead of taking the money and running ?


3 if I should have taken this further - can I still do so ?


4 if I get a new Contract with BT will I be classed as a new Customer ?


5 is there anything else I should have done / should do


I would appreciate any answers to any of the above and thanks reponders in advance for their help and advice

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Re: I feel "robbed" on 2 fronts. Am I right please

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After your initial fixed term "contract" of either 12 or 18 months expires you go onto a 30 day rolling "contract". This means that you can leave BT without penalty as long as you give 30 days notice or in some circumstances 14 days notice. This means that effectively you are no longer in contract.  BT do not tell you when the initial fixed term contract or any subsequent contract is ended.


Because your fixed term had ended your equipment supplied by BT ie the Homehub, is no longer covered by their "guarantee or warranty". I suspect the reason is if it went faulty and they supplied you with a new one you could then give 30days notice and leave, keeping the Homehub and BT would lose money.


To avoid that happening, to get a Homehub "free" you have to sign up to another 12 or 18 month fixed term.


So in answer to your questions:


1) No, legally you have not been done, but it might have been better if you had told them that if they waive the charge you would  renew your contract or alternatively if BT had made the same offer.


2) Same as above.


3) You could try asking the above and see what happens but I suspect that you will not be offered anything more now that you have accepted the offer made to you.


4) As above.


BTs Terms and Conditions are here.


This part is about the Homehub being paid for by you over the fixed term and by implication becomes your property after the initial contract.


Deferred Payment for Equipment

  1. In some cases we will allow you to defer payment of the full price of the equipment we supply for use with the service. If you then end the service within 12 months of BT accepting your order and you did not pay the full price of that equipment when you placed your order, then you will be liable to pay the balance – that is the price of the equipment as set out in the Tariff Guide, less any amount which you paid upfront when you placed your order, unless you end the service within the cancellation period (as detailed in paragraph 10 of the Residential Standard Terms). The deferred payment is no longer payable after you have received service for 12 months or more from the date that your order was accepted by BT.



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Re: I feel "robbed" on 2 fronts. Am I right please

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I also posted the exact same information on MoneySavingExpert Forum and got 3 answers almost exactly the same as you replied too !


Before I accepted the £65 I did offer the person the chance to give me a "deal" that would have satisfied me and hopefully BT offering to sign up for say 24 months.


I said I had lost out on 4 fronts imo but if they gave me a deal which effectively absorbed the £130 which I think they could have done / and still could but the guy seemed intent on playing a straight bat to eberything except giving me the £65 offer



Many thanks again Cheesedoff17l

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Re: I feel "robbed" on 2 fronts. Am I right please

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Could only vent my "feeling of injustice" by moving to another supplier for 50% of the price for 18 oinths

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