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I have 2 messages, the first is a RANT!

Having spent my second Friday afternoon waiting a BT engineer to call, I feel the need to RANT. Wherein lies the problem? Perhaps someone from BT will let me know. There does not seem to be a complaints department. Why is that? My BB speed is less that 2 MB. When I ring India, the superbly helpful call centre operatives tell me that my speed should be much higher than that. The first diagnosis is that I have "Loop Loss" and they promise to send me a new router. Alas no. They will ring afterwards to check it has happened. No again. I ring again, but there is no record of my previous conversation. I start again. They will check the exchange. A lady subsequently rings me and tells me the problem is now solved. I tell her that the speed remains at less than 2MB. She tells me it takes  time to increase and the problem is solved apparently. I wait.. and wait. After 2 weeks, the speed is still the same, and I ring again. Apparently I am now out of time and need to raise a new fault. I do, and the helpful man from India syas he will escalate the problem and an engineer will call next Friday. I wait in vain. He rings on Monday, and tells me he has only just recieved the problem. He needs access to the house, but both my wife and me will be at work all day. It is not possible to come any other time apparently, so he will check the line as far as the house. A follow on call tells me there is no problem and an engineer needs to call. It is booked for the next Friday, but no-one arrives, again. Are they lying to me? Do they want to finish early on Friday? Have they been given 5 jobs with time to perform 4. Has their manager been told to maximize the profitability by making them work harder than is possible. Is BT looking to maximize profit rather than optimizing the service? Do BT religously take my money? Will they offer me a rebate for my lost time?


Thanks for taking time to read this. I feel better already.



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Re: I have 2 messages, the first is a RANT!

Hi Welcome to the forums

Here is a basic guide to getting help from the community members done by CL Keith Please read through the link posted

once you have posted the information asked for then the community members can help you more

Thank You

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators

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