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I have no master socket - will this affect my installation?

First question: My phone installation has not been touched for years, and consquently I have no master socket as such. The line enters upstairs and goes to a type 52A junction box. From there, the line splits to 3 separate extensions: one unused on the landing, one in the spare bedroom where my computer is (this used to be a second line years ago - now connected to the main line), and one downstairs in the kitchen where my telephone base station is, and which I regard as my 'main' socket.


I am having BT Infinity installed next week - will the engineer take this in his stride, or is it going to complicate things? (I only really need the socket in the kitchen - all other phones are DECT.)


Second question: Currently my ADSL modem/router is next to my TV, to provide ethernet internet connections to my Humax Freesat box and my Sony BluRay sound system. The router gets its ADSL signal via what used to be a Sky telephone extension cabled (via two holes) along the outside wall to my kitchen socket. Will the engineer be willing to replace this (soon to be redundant) phone line with a CAT5 cable to connect my new Home Hub (by the TV) to the modem next to the kitchen socket?


The computer upstairs is connected wirelessly to the router, by the way - I have recently read that this is not recommended for Infinity, but it would be quite a long CAT5 run, which I guess I could do myself at a later date.


PS: I don't know why I am tagged as a 'visitor' here, since I am logged in properly!

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Re: I have no master socket - will this affect my installation?

Addendum to second question: does the engineer cut cable to length on site and crimp on RJ45 plugs, or is the extension kit already terminated? If the second, the plugs would be too big to pass through the holes in the wall. Is the cable suitable for exterior use?
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Re: I have no master socket - will this affect my installation?

on installation the engineer will install a new master socket and run up to 30 metres of cat5 from the modem to the home hub

to explain why you are tagged as visitor that is your curen user status as a new poster your status changes the more post made this link may help you understand the ranking system
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Re: I have no master socket - will this affect my installation?

Thanks. A helpful answer, but it does not fully answer my questions:

1. What happens to the two extensions wired into the junction box before the new master socket in the kitchen?

2. Does the engineer cut the cable to length on site, and only then crimp on the RJ45 plugs, so that the cable could be wired via the holes in my outside wall (holes are cable-size, not plug-size)?

3. Does the engineer have outdoor quality CAT5 cable available, and would that be essential for my proposed installation?


I am familiar with posting ranks, but 'Visitor' struck me as rather strange choice of word for a new poster Smiley Happy

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Re: I have no master socket - will this affect my installation?


when the openrech engineer comes to the property

he shall see the previous internal wiringsetup ...

if the existing socklet is not compatable or is not an nte5 socket

he shall fix an another socket which is near to the telephone pole and fix the infinity bb

-- i advise to check if the engineer reconnected the extn sockets it is his duty to do that and check before he leave ur property ...


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Re: I have no master socket - will this affect my installation?

1 - I would mention them because if you get a bad engineer then they won't notice and infinity would be rubish.Also i think you can request that the master socket moved within reason,not sure if they reconnect the extensions tho' it may be up to you


2 - from what i undestand they only carry pre set cat5 extensions for internal use.

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