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I just want the router I have been promised?

On (or around) the 9th July my Homehub router stopped giving me broadband.


I tried all the tests on the BT website, but that green light just wouldn't come on. I called on support 11th July who did a line check then told me they would send me a replacement router within 48 hours. 72 hours later I called back to get an update, only to find no such order for a replacement had been raised!


The Agent order me a new one there and then. When that hadn't arrived (21st July) I called again to get an update, to find that the Homehub order was "pending". The Agent repeated that that they would send me a new router, and it would be with me on Monday 25th July.


I haven't recieved it, and don't want to speak to another agent who has to apologise profusely and then order something that just doesn't turn up. I am so very very frustrated, that I can't speak to someone who can resolve my problem.


To add insult to injury my original case has been marked as "resolved" - argh!


Can someone please tell / advise me on how to get this issue sorted out? I will not call and agent again, they don't do anything. Why can't BT sort this out?


Can anyone offer help?



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Re: I just want the router I have been promised?

It can be delivered at any time up to 6pm on the day of due delivery your other alternative is to contact the forum mods via this link and get them to look into it for you
they normally reply within 72 hours directly to you by email or phone
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