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I'm sure I can get infinity but #computer says no#

Hi all,


I have a strange situation that I hope someone can shed some light on


I live down a cull de sac with roughly 40 houses 

there is a rough split between old and new properties

all the old properties receive there bt services via two pylons and the new via a cabinet on the street


so my problem is there are four houses on the street that cant receive infinity I am one of them and we all run off the same pole I have phoned BT on several occasions to find out how this can be and each time I have been told something different as to why we are not active 


I am finding it very hard to believe that this is  nothing more than a system error on BT's part 

if all the old propertys were unable to receive Infinity I could go along with that 


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: I'm sure I can get infinity but #computer says no#

There's nothing you can do and you will not get any information here.


All of us who can't get Infinity are frustrated beyond measure at just having to wait...and wait....and wait.

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Re: I'm sure I can get infinity but #computer says no#

You may well be ran from a different cabinet that hasn't been upgraded to FTTC.
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