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I need help with my bill

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I don’t understand my bill – what do all these charges mean?

When you sign up for a BT line you choose one of our calling plans, which include your line rental, and are charged for in advance. You can find out more about your calling plan at


Other charges might include charges for calls you've made since your last bill. You can see how much you're being charged for your calls at


You can find out about charges for any Calling Features you might have, such as Caller Display and Call Diversion. It's easy to change features of your service online at My BT. All you need to sign up at My BT is an email address and your account number, which you'll find at the top of your latest bill. Click here for more info on My BT.


MyBT pic.png If you've already signed up to manage your account online, simply log in.


If have other services such as broadband, BT Vision or YouView, any rental charges for these services will also appear on your BT bill, as well as any applicable charges for equipment or activation.

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Help with my rental charges

Where can I find a breakdown of my BT rental charges?

 The rental charges (sometimes called service charges) shown on your bill are for line rental, plus any additional services such as Calling Features. You're charged for these in advance.


You can view your current rental charges online when you sign up for My BT.


I recently changed my package and think I've been charged twice

When you change your telephone calling plan, calling feature, broadband or BT Vision package, you may get a bill that's confusing or looks like you've been charged twice.


Don't worry, you won't be charged twice. We charge in advance for our services, so you'll see charges for both your old and new services on the bill, even though your old service has been cancelled. You'll be refunded what you paid in advance for your old service on the same bill that shows the advance charges for your new service.


This can also happen when we rename or re-price our products and services. You should see that you've been refunded for the old product name and then charged the same price for the new product name.



Below is an example of what you might see if you change your package after your bill is issued.

Mr. Smith is on the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan and is charged in advance for his service. This is shown on the bill he gets every three months.


1st May.png


Mr. Smith's bill is issued on 1st May and will show the standard advance charges from 1st May to the 31st July, as shown below.


 Bill package.png



May 23rd.png

On the May 23rd Mr. Smith calls BT to change from the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan to the Unlimited Anytime Plan. Because he's already been charged for the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan on the bill from the 1st May, the changes he's made will be shown on his next bill.


Aug 01.png

When Mr. Smith's next bill is produced on 1st August, he can see the changes to his rental charges. You can see from the highlighted area on the bill pictured below that Mr. Smith has been refunded the charges he's paid in advance for his old Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan.


This refund is from the time Mr. Smith changed the package (23rd May) until the end of the previous billing period (31st July). The refunded amount shows as -£35.63.

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Why is my bill higher than normal?

It could be that you recently signed up to a new service (e.g. broadband) and now you have additional rental charges on your bill. You may have also incurred an activation or equipment charge, which we would’ve advised you of when you placed the order.


Depending on your package, you may have also been charged for watching a chargeable film/program on BT Vision, or for going over your broadband usage allowance. If you need help with your broadband usage, click here.

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I thought the calls in my Calling Plan were free - why have I been charged?

All of our calling plans include calls to landlines for up to an hour at certain times. You'll start being charged for your call if it lasts longer than an hour. You can avoid charges by hanging up and redialling before an hour's up.


Your free calls don't include calls to mobiles, premium rate, international, 0844, 0871, indirect access, operator, directory enquiries, and calls to the Channel Islands. For full information please go to


You can easily manage your Calling Plan online at MyBT.

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Can I view my BT bill online at My BT?

Yes, it's quick and easy to get your bill online by signing up to My BT.


Get more with My BT.png


You can do much more online:


• View your bills from the last 15 months;

• Keep on top of your recent usage and sort by cost, calls, names or numbers;

• Check your broadband usage;

• Pay your bill and see payments you've already made;

• Set up a Direct Debit;

• Make changes to your products;

• Learn about setting up your inclusive extras such as Calling Features.


Your bills will be available to view online 48 hours after signing up. We'll stop sending you bills in the post. Instead, we'll send you an email every time your bill is ready to view online.

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What do I do if I want to change or cancel my BT package?

If you cancel your BT package within the minimum period (be it for your phone, broadband, or TV) you'll have to pay an early termination charge. What you're charged depends on how long is left to run on your contract. We may also charge you for any equipment we may have provided to you as part of the service.


Find out what you`ll be charged and how it`s worked out Find out what you'll be charged and how it's worked out.


If you want to change or reduce the number of services in your package, then you must start a new contract with a new minimum period for your new package.


Contact us about cancelling or changing something

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