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I realny need help to save money

Hi i have till NOV 1 to run on full broadband package and am paying   94 pounds per month i have Aśkę can BT help me by cancelling my sports and hD CHANNELS  but they cłami i am getting sports for free,i am in the vulnerable category and have little income and have been a lokal customer for years and always pand my full amount ,nów i need help they dont give me any ,i will definitley be glad to be rid of BT ,I CAN SAVE LOTS OF MONEY ELSWHERE when my contract rund out 

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Re: I realny need help to save money


Only BT can help with this, but you can only do it over the phone. Ring 0800 800 030 and see if they can reduce the cost of your package. You are not obliged to accept any offers, if they do not reduce your costs.

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Re: I realny need help to save money

I have been in touch on 4 occasions and they sady i am in contract
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Re: I realny need help to save money

SORRY I am confused what do you mean i am not obliged to accept offers




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Re: I realny need help to save money

if you phone options team and the offer another contract near what you want but still not happy then you don't have to accept and just stay as you are at same cost

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