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I upgraded broadband but I've still been overcharged!



I moved from PlusNet to BT choosing for their Option 1, 10GB Broadband package as that was the service I was on with PlusNet and we NEVER went over the 10GB. This package deal was advertised as the first 3 months free. Since being with BT we have been consistently overcharged up to £55 a month purely on Broadband, we don't even own a phone.


After we downloaded software on each laptop that monitored our usage we realised we were nowhere near the 40GB BT was suggesting. Despite proving this, trawling through these forums has shown that people with the same problem have been rebuffed by BT as the software is not "official" and they do not recognise it. It makes you start to wonder why BT don't show you your monitored usage like most other major providers and think that just telling you you've used too much is acceptable?


As with many people there isn't enough time to wait for a reply and I couldn't afford to continually get these extortionate bills, so I upgraded my account to the Option 2, 40GB package. During this time, myself and a housemate went away on holiday for two weeks and a week respectively, so there should have been barely any usage. Wrong. The next bill was £65 with usage of 45GB. If I'd upgraded, why have I been charged so much and how could I have possibly used so much?


Is there any body else who has similar problems or has managed to resolve anything with BT?

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Re: I upgraded broadband but I've still been overcharged!

Search" BT Broadband Usage Incorrect" in the Community Forums  and there is a thread of 54 pages with dissatisfied customers..


( tried to copy and paste but no luck )


You are not alone and why I will be leaving when the contracts up..:-(


If you watch ITV, BBC ,Ch 4 Play agin or Youtube regular it's likely you may need to go to Option 3 with unlimited prime reason for leaving as other ISP offer unlimited usage



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Re: I upgraded broadband but I've still been overcharged!

same here, todays date 17/10/2012, im being told I have used 17gb every month for 6 months and I have used 14gb so far this month.. but I will be charged for going over a 40gb allowance..
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Re: I upgraded broadband but I've still been overcharged!


I am sorry to see you are having problems with your BT Service

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you

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Re: I upgraded broadband but I've still been overcharged!

i have the same problem, i have just joined bt and in my first 3 days i used 11gb!! all i was doing was surfing the net etc, no iplayer or downloading, bt cant offer an explanation other than to change the router password. Ive just checked usuage again and used annother 5gb in 1 week, really dont want to upgrade as il lose my 12 months half price deal, any suggestions?


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Re: I upgraded broadband but I've still been overcharged!

all uploading and any other use of the internet is classified as usage eg web browsing anti virus updates emails windows updates any thing in other words using the internet is usage


This link may help you


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