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I've had enough of BT call centres

I don't even know where to start, this is likely going to get very long but I'll try and keep it to facts and bullet points. I am so furious with BT right now.


First about me

  1. I work from
  2. I live in a new build estate that recently got fibre enabled
  3. I have been involved in petitions, newspaper coverage and in constant contact with the local funding organisation responsible for getting fibre to our estate because we was not included in the BT commercial rollout to our small town which happened 3.5 years ago even though our estate was already 3 years in development and is set to see a further 500 houses over the next 5 years. How that is not viable is beyond me.
  4. Our standard broadband is a shocking 1mpbs so I have monitored for 2.5 years the progress of infinity and I was one of the first to order it on the very first day BT had it available to order on their website.
  5. Before all this I was with Sky who served me with phone and broadband for 2.5 years with no issues at all. But since BT get the monopoly when Fibre is first enabled I decided to jump ship to get fibre faster. Oh boy have I been taken on a ride the last 5 weeks and something needs to be done about this shocking customer service and compensation is without question due. I am ready to send my £10 to get a copy of all information stored by BT under the data protection act because no one has been consistent with telling me anything which has held up. Over 20 phone calls in 3 weeks at my expense, 7 engineer visits to fix a line which was working perfectly fine and now no internet service for 3 weeks which is damaging ability to carry out my work.


My Order

  1. I placed my order with BT Online on 09/10/2015, the very first day Fibre was set to available on our estate
  2. My installation date was 23/10/2015 on which day BT was supposed to take over my line from sky and activate my phone and infinity order.
  3. This unfortunately is the only dates BT stuck to but did not complete the order and I have had nothing but hassle ever since
  4. My line did not activate on 23/10/2015 but my service with sky was cancelled. I had to chase BT on 24/10/2015 and I was told there was a technical issue but don't be alarmed it will be activated on 26/10/2015 (Monday) Unhappy with this I waited
  5. 26/10/2015 comes and goes with no change. I chased again on the Tuesday (27/10/2015) to be told I have to wait a further 48 hours
  6. I waited and guess what, nothing! I contacted them again this time expressing I am without internet, I work from home and I have now used all my mobile hotspot data I need this resolved ASAP. Another “please wait 48 hours” but you can buy a BT dongle and we will reimburse you.
  7. Off I go to buy a dongle, set it all up and can't pick anything up with it. I call in again to tell them the dongle is not picking anything up. Sorry you must not be in a good coverage area. I tell them I can buy more data on my mobile and use that, will you reimburse those charges. Yes of course, do whatever you need to stay online.

  8. A few more days goes by and still heard nothing so I chase again. Nothing, you can see where this is going. Me chasing every 1-2 days for some kind of news and to save repeating every call one by one, it took me over 20 calls and 7 engineer visits over a 2 week period just to get the phone line sorted, not the infinity order or any broadband for that matter. I was connected to other people lines, I was told my property has no routing, I was told by engineers it's all fixed give it 24 hours to be activated and nothing. It was a complete nightmare.
  9. On the 2/11/2015 I sent an online complaint via the BT website and I got back an automated response saying please allow 5 working days, here is your reference number **Edited**. It's been over 5 days now so I called in a few times, spoke to order management, spoke to customer services, spoke to an escalation team, spoke to customer options team numerous times and not a single one of them recognises that reference number or can put me through to anyone to deal with my complaint
  10. At long last on 5/11/2015 I finally had a working phone line, so I chased for my BT Infinity progress and was told the infinity part of my order was cancelled because it failed to activate. Ok so get it put back on my account, I was told on 6/11/2015 by the sales team the order had been processed and gave me the reference number **Edited** and was told to wait 7 working days but is normally much quicker. Obviously very unhappy to hear I have to wait a further 7 days. I'm already furious with everything that has happened so far and they won't even rush through this part of the order and just treat it like a new order
  11. I call in on 9/11/2015 to just get an update and I am told that reference I was given doesn't exist. I questioned what is happening; I was told infinity is not available at my property. Obviously I told them it is, because my neighbour has got it and why on earth was I able to put the order through in the first place. No one after endless phone calls can tell me what’s going on. I can only presume there is capacity issues because our estate has been waiting for over 2.5 years and the standard broadband is so terrible everyone must have rushed to upgrade.
  12. Another 3 days of promised call backs, me chasing BT and I am still nowhere. I have no internet for nearly 3 weeks and no one seems to want to take ownership of this and get it fixed. My phone lien works fine so why can’t someone just put some sort of broadband on my account until they fix the issue with my infinity order.
  13. To add insult to injury I have been checking other suppliers daily and plus net has just started taking orders for infinity. I called them up and within 30 seconds they told me there is no capacity but I can place my order and be put on the waiting list. BT have not even confirmed to me yet that there is capacity issues. I just keep getting fobbed off and told to wait another X amount of time, wait for X number of call backs which don’t happen. I just want some sort of Broadband at this stage I don’t care what it is.


This is keeping a very long 3 week story as short as I can, I have missed out so many calls, complaints, visits from engineers just because it makes no difference. The facts are the 7 engineer visits the 20+ phone calls, the 3 weeks without service, the lack of organisation, getting passed from pillar to post, reference numbers being given that then don't exist and every time I call in I get told to wait another 7 working days please. NO!!!! I'm not waiting any longer.


The compensation bill I have for BT so far is into the hundreds. I was instructed by BT to use my Mobile Data which I have and it's costing me nearly £3 a day to continue being online and completing my work, since I work from home I have no other choice. Total bill for this so far £54 and I have no alternative so BT have to reimburse this as I was instructed and will continue to use this as an option until BT fix my problems.

I purchased a £35 dongle that didn't pick up any signal and PC world won't take it back because it's open and not faulty.

I've made all the calls to the BT numbers from my Mobile as the landline was not working for the first 2 weeks which is a further cost to me of over £40.

I cancelled out of a sky contract early to get fibre which cost me £32 and now I'm told I can't get fibre. If BT is only going to supply me with what I had originally why should I have even bothered? I might add I had free Unlimited broadband with sky I was just paying Line Rental, if I want to go with a BT unlimited broadband package the cheapest is £10 + line rental. I am not paying for that when I had that same service free and BT have not been able to supply the service I ordered.

I've spent well over 20 hours waiting in for engineers, on the phone, waiting for call backs which don’t happen and that is just priceless as my time is valuable to me and not BT clearly who don't seem to have a grip on customer service.

I have now filed for a copy of all data BT has on me under the freedom of information act including recorded calls and paid the £10 admin fee. I am now waiting for all this to be resolved but if BT don't get this sorted soon or start to prioritise some sort of broadband order for me I will have no choice but to start going to Ofcom and seeking legal advice for a solicitor. The cost and damages this is causing is astronomical, BT I am not the kind of guy to make idle threats, I am a business man who’s business you are seriously messing with and don’t seem to have a care in the world because it’s a residential line my working from home means nothing to you.

Compensation Claim I will be fighting for so far

Hotspot data £54 (so far)
Useless BT Dongle £35
Call to BT from Mobile £40 (so far)
Sky early cancelation cost £32

Total £161

I will not pay for standard broadband when that was free with Sky before moving to you and you have not been able to provide me with what I ordered so I expect you to cover this broadband cost until more capacity is available which is said to be anything from 10 – 90 days according to plus net.

I would also like some consideration to the stress and endless hours of inconvenience I have been put through by BT and I am continuing to be put through after 3 weeks with no service. Tonight was the last straw. I was told I would get yet another call back between 4-6pm by txt, it never happened. I called in to complain I was told a manager would call me back in the next 1-2 hours, it never happened I called in to complain again, I was told to wait until 9pm as that’s when we close so you could be called right up until then, well guess what, no one called me back AGAIN!!!

I have read many posts here on the BT community forum and it seems someone complains, we then wait for a mod to come along, tell us to check there profile and submit a message to the mods. I searched for that link and I can't find it so I guess I'll wait for a mod to direct me to it which is just more time wasted.

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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

Mods when you get around to replying, please give more instructions on how to contact you becuase they most common way I can find is mods will say this


"Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see our contact link."


I have done that and there is no contact link or about me section on the page I get taken too.


There is a contact me title and the link under that after your onlien status is "send this user a private message" is that what we're supposed to do? Send a private message or is there anotehr link somewhere?


Can you just paste the link I need to click?

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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

You have to wait until the moderators open up the link to you before you will see it. They do not respond to PMs.


I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are a BT UK based team and if they can help they will reply via this thread asking you to contact them via a link. Once you have replied to them by the link, it can at present take up to five working days for them to re-contact you.

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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

If you rely on the Internet for your business are you a business user. Just this is a forum for residential customers

If you like a post, or want to say thanks for a helpful answer, please click on the Ratings 'Thumbs up' on left hand side.
If someone answers your question correctly please let other members know by clicking on ’Mark as Accepted Solution’.
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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

BT do not have a Monopoly on Fibre..... It's Openreach who fit the DSLAMS and they wholesale it out to all ISP's who want to sell it, Sky of which is one......

Unless you're talking about FTTP, which would be ironic because all Sky ever do is complain that BT/Openreach haven't magic'd a National FTTP Network into existence yet in the places they do have it Sky won't buy it?!?!
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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

I'm not a business user I am a residential user, I work from home.


It's BT Openreach who Wholesale it out and BT is always first, I wonder why or how that always happens. Anyway I'm not here to debate these things, I am raising a complaint becuase of the obsurd amout of time wasted trying to install a line and broadband.


The error is no down to a fault on my account nothing to do with the equipment. They can't even put normal broadband on my account becuase it still says there is an infinity promo but there not givign me infinity either so waht are they doing? Just making wait, time and time again with nothing to show for it after 3 weeks.


I'll await a moderators response to hopefully get some actions taken here.

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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

Sorry you are incorrect Openreach are not allowed under OFCOM rules allowed to give BT Consumer preferential service all providers have equal access to the fibre network
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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

I'm here to get help from a mod and escalate my issues.


I'm not here to be schooled on how openreach and BT have to abide by ofcom regulations. The fact remains that BT is in most cases that I'm aware of and has always been the first to offer the services. I just want a mod to look into my case like many other unsatisfied BT customers. The call centres are a joke, the call back service is disgusting, the ownership of a customer issue is none existent.


As a paying customer I am entitled to make a complaint especially after being left 3 weeks with no service. The service I ordered is no longer available due to capacity but even BT won't tell me that's the reason. I had to dig for that myself and BT are unable to give me standard broadband becuase there is an error on my account still to do with the original infinity order.


Just cancel my account and start again if you can't work out how to delete a package from my account, at least then you can process my order and get me some installation dates from openreach engineers. Even if it's another 1-2 weeks i;d rather have a date and start again than I would continue in this cycle of no one having a clue what is going on or how to fix it.


Disgusting doesn't even desribe this customer service.

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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

Hi ricklord,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for your post!


I'm sorry that there is a capacity issue in your cabinet preventing you from being connected to BT Infinity and also for the problems you are having getting set up on copper (ADSL) broadband.  I do appreciate the time that you have taken to contact us to get this sorted.


We will be happy to pick this up and get you sorted out from here.  You'll see the link to send me your details in my profile under the "about me" section.  It's on the left hand side under my profile picture and you can get there by clicking on my username here >>> RobbieMac





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Re: I've had enough of BT call centres

"NO!!!! I'm not waiting any longer."


ricklord, be aware that it can take five days for the mods to get back to you, but they will.

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