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I've moved home twice and BT have messed up the order twice.

I'm at the end of my tether, I've moved home and once again I’m left with no working phone line or internet because of BT's poor processes or hatred for me.


THIS time the f**k up story is as follows.

Phone up to perform a working line takeover as I had already moved in with my girlfriend who had a working BT line (Cornwall). On the phone the guy stated the line at the old house (Sussex) would be disconnected within 24 hours as it was empty.


A letter and a call were received regarding the cancellation and working line takeover at the Cornwall address as expected and I received a confirmation email telling me my line would be "moved on ." date. I.e. the auto populated email failed to tell me when the line would be working.


So a few days ago the girlfriend is on call and for no reason the phone line is dead. Meaning that she got a b*ll**ing for not being reachable when there was a medical emergency.


Once again I have to spend my time phoning up BT and their unhelpful robotic Indian help desk. Once again they say that the only solution is to cancel my existing order and do a new order.


I've had enough, I'm about to cancel my direct debit and deal with it in the same chaotic manner that BT prefer. I'm still owed ~£17 for the last cancelation I was forced to do and the charges incurred on my mobile to sort out BT's errors and the lost time I’ve incurred in the process.


Can someone please just sort this per performance out, I’ve give any details needed but I can't face another idiot call centre robot whose only solution is to cancel and re-order.


Yours expectantly.

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Re: I've moved home twice and BT have messed up the order twice.



I am sorry to see you are having problems with your BT Service


I suggest you contact the forum mods they should be able to get your problem sorted for you this is a link to them

They normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 3 working days they will take personal ownership of your problem until resolved and will keep you informed of progress

They are a UK based BT specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators

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