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I want my reward card!

I'm new to BT, having registered for a phone line and broadband on 27th September, and it was installed on 13th October. I have to say that my first impressions are less than satisfactory as:

1/ I am being told I am not eligible for the £100 MasterCard voucher that was on offer when I signed up as part of BT's 'fabulous fortnight'' - I am very much eligible given I am a new customer who signed up on BT and my broadband has been installed.

2/ Nobody wants to speak to me about this - it is all online forms!


I sent two of these forms (as no one was in a hurry to reply to my first) and then called to be told I had to send yet another form, mentioning I had contacted the COT team. This was sent - still no reply. My wife also tweeted the BT care team - there was no reply there either. Throw in that my phone line has also been out of order for a week (now resolved but I'm betting I get charged for the week I was without a landline) and I am not a very happy new customer.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HAVE THE DECENCY TO REPLY TO ME????!!!!  This reward card was the carrot that made me sign up to this offer (Christmas is coming and it'll be handy) and I'm extremely annoyed that I am having to do this chasing for something I am entitled to. If this can't be answered through here, I'll be raising a complaint (surprise, surprise another online form).

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Re: I want my reward card!

This is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go to BT although the forum is moderated by BT not every post is read
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Re: I want my reward card!

Thanks John - I'm getting so frustrated with this that I'm trying any means possible.


However it would be good to know if other customers have had these issues, and how they have overcome this.

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