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I want to close down my BT Yahoo Email account completely



After two or three corruptions of my Yahoo BT Email account I want to close it down completely now.  It is causing a problem because when compromised it sends random Emails to colleagues or friends of mine containing spam.


Please tell me urgently how to completely close the account down tonight.  I will set up another Email account away from BT.


Debbie Samuel

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: I want to close down my BT Yahoo Email account completely

You may find that closing your accounts will not stop what is happening


It may be that your account has not been hacked two or three times. It is possible/ probable that your account was only hacked once, so now the spammers have your contact list. This would have been harvested when they hacked the account.


There is now no need to hack your account again. They are now probably spoofing your email address and using it to send emails so closing your account won't help. There is not much you can do now that they have the contact list.


When/if you check the log on history does it show if your account has been accessed by anybody other than you.


You may have checked this but if not have a read through it in case the account has been hacked again and also make sure you check that there are no forwarding addresses set up.


see this link about spoofing email address

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