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I want to upgrade but can't

I have been a BTinternet customer since 1998 but because the internet account is in my name and the phone account is in my husbands, BT cannot upgrade me, leaving me on a very old package and a fixed speed of 1mb.


According to the person I spoke to yesterday, I have a choice of either changing the internet account to his name or they could happily sell me another phone line in my name, which for obvious reasons I don't want.


Could someone from BT explain why,after  being a customer for so long, a simple upgrade cannot be done?


Thank you

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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

Hi _dreamer_


Welcome to the forums.


Send me an email to with your telephone number, account number and link to this thread I'll check out whats happening with this.





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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

Thanks, details sent
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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

Well, Well, Why am I not surprised!!


4 years ago when bt decided to make residents pay their broadband on their phone bill (It was separately billed before then), I received a telephone call from bt over the weekend telling me I had to make the broadband payment on my telephone bill. At the time I had about 30 people in the house watching England play in the world cup (that is why I know it was 4 years ago), I told the guy on the phone it was not convenient to talk at that time and asked if he could call me back to discuss it on Monday which he said he would. I never did get a call and when the next bill came he had just switched the payment anyway. What is the problem I hear you say!!


Well the broadband bill was in my name and the telephone bill was in my wifes name and both were paid from different accounts. What I wanted him to do was transfer the telephone bill to the account that was making the broadband payment. Simple!!


No not simple!! this is bt we are talking about here.


The telephone bill was in my wifes name for no other reason than when we first moved here she was the one that made the call to get the phone set up. The broadband was in my name for no other reason that my wife is not a technophobe and I made the call to setup the broadband.


I didn't want the payment to come from my wifes account so I quickly logged in to bt and changed the payment details. O.k got that sorted. So now everything is in my wifes name because bt transfered the broadband into her name (was that even legal without permission or a contract with her name on it?) and I am paying the bill.


I have had the same argument that you are having because my name is not on the bill I cannot make any changes to my service because it is all in my wifes name. I have to get her to make the call and then try and take over when she gets out of her depth.


The best I have managed to achieve in all my arguments with bt is to get my name on the bill so that it comes to my wile C/O me. I was told this would make a difference the next time I want to change something but I will tell you now it does not.


I was told I could cancel my current contract with bt and then start again with things in my name but I refuse to be held to ransome by having to sign up for another 18 month term for circumstances wholly created by them.


After I had been paying my combined bill for about 12 months I found I was consistently £100 or more in credit so I phoned bt and asked them to refund it. I was told that they don't normally refund until the amount is 3 times the monthly payment (I pay £50 so I had to get to £150), but that she would put the refund through anyway. Yes you guessed it I never got that either. Can I complain!! no not personally because my name is not on the bill!!, which brings me back to where I came in.


What the above information should tell you is that bt are corrupt (keeping my overpayments) the telephone canvassers are corrupt (Put my broadband payment on someone elses account without permission, agreement or a single signature on any contract).


Good luck, I hope you have more luck than I have had. I am only waiting for the 20mb to be available at my local exchange and I am jumping ship!!. 

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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

I know it's daft and it's not just BT who are like this - not sure why they can't have the accounts in joint names - ie Mr & Mrs Telephone User.


What if your wife was seriously ill and unable to come to the phone, what are you to do then...


In this day and age I can't see why they can't have both names on the account, they do it for mortgages, bank accounts, council tax, etc, etc...





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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

Well, I am waiting for some answers from various places but am not surprised, [if my experience is anything to go by] BT did poorly in a Which report.  I  will look forward to getting next month mag. as broadband is being reviewed again.


The daft thing is,we  have Virgin media for our TV and I can phone up and change things on that via a password system.

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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

Help..........what terms and conditions am I under, I am assuming it is still the old BTYahoo ones, is that correct?



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Re: I want to upgrade but can't

It`s all to do with the data protection act, ask your wife to phone BT and say she is happy to allow and give her consent to yourself to deal with her account on her behalf (third party).





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