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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

cherkhan wrote:


Okay if this is the case, what can BT do to correct this problem when they say there is a fault at the exchange?


BT Openreach and/or BTs retail operations eg BTBroadband - nothing, except complain to their suppliers.

BTWholesale, as the supplier, are the only ones who can effect a solution - by providing more capacity.


plus this is known to be happening at other exchanges.


Almost certainly.


The emphasis here is the term 'fault at the exchange'.


I think that's a broad term used in a non-technical manner (by 1st line helpdesk agents, for example) to describe a problem that isn't caused by a fault on the line between end user and local exchange. ie it's not a line fault, so it's an exchange fault.

There also appears to have been some more widespread issues recently, which seem to be getting all rolled up and regarded as the same problem in some quarters.


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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

Many thanks for the reply.


BT are to send someone to the exchange to sort this out I believe next Monday. We shall just have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, I have a BT bill to pay which I will be qurying very strongly.

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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT



Have been speaking to someone from Infinity support team in Newcastle today - yes they do exist


I had some very interesting discussions about FUP and Traffic Management .


I'm on Infinity option 2 and have been ' deemed as a medium/high user' and suspect BT have been applying FUP to me during peak hours although could not get Infity to admit it.

Option 2 is advertised as best for :-


  • Enjoying a super-fast broadband experience

  • Streaming, downloading and uploading heavy files in an instant

  • Downloading as much as you want, when you want

  • Online gaming – go up to 30% faster


    What they don't tell you is if you dare try and use it for the above during the peak hours they will deem you as a high used and apply FUP!!!!


    Strangely since my discussion today and my involvement of the managing director of customer services my testing tonight has been great... strange that.


    I suspect that this is happening to lots of you on the BB and I suggest you check your broadband usage on BT to see if you are getting near the limit.


    PS For those that have talked about raising this issue with BT Watchdog I received a call from one of the reserchers from that programme today.Unfortunately I was out not in but he has left a phone number to call which i will be doing tomorrow.



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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

Hmm, mine appears fixed now. I thought they emant next Monday but it appears they pulled out the stops and got on with the job, showing a decent solid 35.5m:)


Again this was continually watched by Craig (mod) and he continued to ensure this was sorted and escalated:)


Many thanks Craig and all the mods.


D/D reinstated tonight.

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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

I've downloaded a couple of rather large files tonight (around 20GB total) and the throughput speed was continuously around 4.69MB/s which equates to 37.5Mb/s.



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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

Funny enough, I did the same yesterday (18GB), during peak time, which I don't normally do. I know I am allowed to, but I generally try to do it off-peak anyway. I was happy to get the full whack around 38 Mbits.


A big difference to the last week's debacle!

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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

Even though Infinity is far better than the measly 800k I used get here (no matter what!) I can only envy the speeds and consistency that some of you seem to be getting.. even though my profile is set at 37 Mb I've never ever seen higher than 22.9 (my all time high!) and it has been down to 1.52.. it varies widely even though it averaged out at 16.5..
Not being greedy but I wonder what my expectations should be for my 38 Mb line!
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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

i too am seeing that stll on going at peak time my speed drops


the other night it was 10 meg when iim synced at 35meg and get 35 off peak.


this isnt right imo, and is beginning to look like the exchange hasnt got adequte capacity to cope with demand and needs sorting out.


did i read somewhere that bt state speeds can slow in the evening? imo they shouldnt if adequate equip/bandwidth is in place and this is a cop out for not putting in adequte provision to provide the service they advertise.


i never saw speed drops on my old adsl2 or cable connections (unless fault) and esp not by the percentage seen at present on bt infinity

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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT

yep, I seem to have spoken too soon... weekend and monday everything was fine... last night I had 8KB (64Kb) connection at one point

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Re: INFINITY Network wide Issues.. - IMPORTANT


@jh1 wrote:



I escalated this problem to the chairmans office last week and have been speaking to a young lady who is trying to assist in resolving this problem.


On my latest call (15 minutes ago) she told me that there has been a system problem on various areas of the network where the system has been applying FUP to customers on an ad-hoc basis ,


This sounds very promising as reading all the posts it does sound like some sort of network management is being applied.


she has asked me to do some testing tonight and tomorroow morning on the speedtest which she will be able to interogate.


I have just done the 1st test and I got 964k download and 3.1Meg upload so it looks like FUP is being applied.


I will update you tomorrow with her feedback.


I knew it, looking forward to your update.


For me the FUP cap is no longer being applied but speeds are a bit wobbly and gaming isn't as good from 5PM compared to earlyer in the day.

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