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INFINITY - No Cooling Off Period?????

I have complained to BT for YEARS about my BB speed, which since switching from dial up to BB nearly 5 years ago, has never risen above 1.5mb.


When im paying £24.99 and i can only get this type of stupid speed, it makes BT very, VERY poor value for money considering SKY do the same for £5 a month!!!.


I threatened to switch to SKY BB, even thought i have been with BT for over 30 years, but they couldnt give a toss....and gladly passed me through to customer disconnections team.


In the end, they upgraded me to Infinity which costs me the same, but they have promised i will get 19mb download and 7mb upload...


When i told them that if it wasnt up to my expectations, i would like to know, how long i had to cancell my contract and order (after installation) - they told me that it was not possible, and that if i wanted to get out, there was no 14 days period, i would have to pay the remainder of the 2 year contracts service charge!!!


Surely thats against the law?  If somethings not fit for purpose or isnt worth the price you are being charged, then surely you must be able to cancel the contract - as long as it is done within a set period of time!!!


Any ideas where we stand with this???

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Re: INFINITY - No Cooling Off Period?????

I assume you read the terms and conditions, before you subscribed to the product?

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Re: INFINITY - No Cooling Off Period?????

Relevant sections from T&C for Infinity.


'Cancelling the Agreement

  1. You may cancel your agreement for BT Infinity by contacting us at any time up until the service start date. However you will be liable to pay for any work that we have started or done to install any equipment.



'Ending your agreement

  1. The service has a minimum period of 18 months.
  2. If you are using any services, applications or features which BT has provided free of charge, these will end on the day your agreement with us ends.
  3. When you end your broadband service and do not request and use a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) or another recognised transfer process to move to another service provider, you will have to pay a cease charge of £25. (£30 from 12th November 2010). You will not have to pay this charge in the event you are moving home and we are unable to provide the service at the new UK address'
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Re: INFINITY - No Cooling Off Period?????

There are 2 things in play here: Distance selling regulations and the sale of goods act.


Distance selling means that there must be a mandatory cooling off period (but for services may end when the service starts). Sale of goods states that if the goods are not of mechantable quality or fit for purpose you have to get your money back. Of course if you've been told in advance that you'll get 100k, for example, and you've agreed to that you can't then turn round and say that 100k isn't fit for purpose.

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Re: INFINITY - No Cooling Off Period?????

When I signed up for Infinity I was given an estimate of the speed my line would support (21.7Mb/s) I was asked to agree to that which was shown on the confirmation. In fact that was a very conservative estimate as I get high 30s.


If they could not offer a service at something approaching the quoted speed you should have grounds to reject the service as not being as described. Normally if you want to reject goods or services you need to act quickly - no good doing after a few months - loads of advice around from Consumer Direct or the CAB's website. In fact I think BT will not install if the connection will not manage 15Mb/s during the engineer's visit.


Just be aware you will not get that speed on downloads all the time as you are at the mercy of traffic congestion.

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