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IP Address has changed to Talk Talk

Hoping someone can please help.


We have had BT broadband for 4 months but it is suddently being blocked by Talk Talk.


Since yesterday, access to certain sites (Facebook, You Tube etc) is blocked by a Talk Talk filter and a Talk Talk "Homesafe" page comes up.  It can't be a computer problem (as BT keep telling us) as we have the same issue on two laptops and a mobile phone.  We checked our IP address and this is saying Talk Talk.


We found another post on here from a year ago with a similar issue.    That poster had BT infinity and solved his problem by removing his "homeplug".  We just have normal broadband and no "homeplug" so that hasn't helped.


We have phoned Talk Talk and they don't want to know and we have phoned BT and they say it's nothing to do with them!


I'm not sure if it's connected or not but we have had a crossed telephone line on a couple of occassions, including when phoning BT Broadband fault line this evening and the other conversation we could hear tonight was a Talk Talk customer service call.   That has to be more than co-incidence?


We really don't understand what is going and no idea what to do next if neither Talk Talk or BT will help us.


Can anyone help please?


Thank you!


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Re: IP Address has changed to Talk Talk

Did you report a phone fault to 151 with no mention of broadband?

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Re: IP Address has changed to Talk Talk


We have phone fault logged and a broadband fault logged at the moment.  I have just checked the status of the phone fault and it says that they ran a diagnostic test, it showed a fault on or near the house and they will contact us to send an engineer out.  We reported the phone fault online and in the narrative box mentioned the broadband issue, but not sure whether anyone will have read that at this stage? 

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Re: IP Address has changed to Talk Talk

It almost sounds like a cross jumpering issue, either at the exchange or at the distribution point.  Have you tried phoning your mobile to see what telephone number comes up?  I don't know if the helpdesk would have access to systems to test your line to see what log-in details are coming up, but if the mods pick this up and run a radius log check on your line, I would bet my last few non-grey hairs that it is showing the TT details on there.

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