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IP Phone connection

I work from home a lot and my company has bought an AVAYA IP Phonme system, which means I can have a handset in my home office. The problem is the supplier can't get my handset to work with my BT Homehub and although they're willing to supply us with a wireless router that it will work with, they seem to think they need some technical information about the HomeHub in order to enable my connection with the internet to continue. BT are also my ISP. If anyone out there has any information about what the supplier needs (if anything) I would really appreciate a reply. If you want to know what they're asking for I can send that as well. Thanks

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Re: IP Phone connection

Hi, have now got the inforamtion they needed - so thank you
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Re: IP Phone connection

Hi - woudl you be able to share the information with me? I have an avaya IP phone and hub 2.0 and I cannot get them to work together (tried DMZ, applicaiton sharing etc)
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