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IP Profile Issue

Hi all,


I have Infinity 2 and i was getting download speeds of around 72mb and upload of 15. About a week or so ago i had to have my Openreach Modem changed as it had gone bang, since the engineer changed this my speed has dropped to 42mb and i have done a BT Speedtest and my IP Profile is now set at 44mb with an upload profile of 20mb. Anyone have any idea why my download has dropped so much, has my download profil been set to low? Any mods able to help?

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Re: IP Profile Issue

It could be because of the fault with your modem. This may have caused DLM (Dynamic Line Management) to kick in. This is an automated process that if it detects a fault, lowers your speed to try and maintain a stable connection.


If the fault has been resolved DLM should slowly increase your speed. This is also an automated process and can take up to two or three weeks.