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IP Profile change without resynch?



After a solid month of 74Mbps I noticed that my download speed dropped to 54Mbps on Saturday.


When I 1st checked my profile it still said 74Mbps but I could see that it was capped when I tested a few downloads (and from my sam knows whitebox results.)


When I checked my HH3 it said that it was connected for over 3 weeks.


After rebooting the test then showed an updated profile of 56Mbps.


So you do not need a resynch for your profile to change ?


I am assuming it was a bit of noise on the line probably weather related.


Will the synch increase on its own (without a reboot) ?




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Re: IP Profile change without resynch?

The kit in the cabinet can sync "on the fly" so it doesn't actually drop sync long enough for the PPP to drop.

As it's the PPP session (hub logging you in) data that picks up the line speed from the cabinet on the way to the RAS (to get the IP address) it's possible for your sync to drop (or increase) but the profile not be changed (as a new session hasn't been started, so therefore the current sync speed wouldn't have been picked up and given to the BRAS)

I think that makes sense!!
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