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IP Profile drop

I had BT Infinity installed on 21st March and had constant IP Profile of 74.4 with a stable speed of 72.9/17.8 and a ping of 5ms.  My modem and HomeHub were rebooted on 12th April and my profile dropped to 60 with speed of 60/17 and a ping of 14.  The BT advisor said there was a problem on my line and arranged an engineers visit for the 14th.  The engineer couldn't find a fault but my IP Profile went up to 62, but my profile has susequently dropped to 59.28.  The estimated speed for my line is 64.2,  I originally had an ADSL2+ IP Profile of 17 with a speed of 15 Mbps when the availability checker reported an estimated speed of 12.5 Mbps.  My house is about 300m from the cabinet and was built 15 years ago.  My speed tests using give constant 57/17 results with a ping of 14ms.  I have tried rebooting the mopdem and homehub but this just seems to chip away at my IP Profile, going from 62 to 60.1 then 59.6 and now 59.28.  Can I expect my line to return to an IP Profile of 74 any time soon?  Would a reset of my IP Profile help?






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Re: IP Profile drop

The profile would have been high initially as the SNR would have been at a baseline of 6db which is the lowest is can be.

If there's been any noise interference or some small fault on your line, DLM, the software that manages your line would have made changes to the SNR to increase the stability of your line.

The best thing to do is to leave it as it is and if the interference is no longer present, DLM will, over time lower the SNR and allow the connection rate to increase.

There is no such thing as an IP profile reset on FTTC.
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