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IP Profile dropped since new firmware in HH4 - coincidence?

My HH4 downloaded new firmware - v4. on the 25th April.


At the time my IP profile was 33.88 down and 6.35 up, however since then the speed has started to drop regularly to the point now were its 26.51 down and 5.85 up - that's approx 20% drop in just over a week - BT are calling me this morning regarding the service and am wondering if any other users are experiencing similar issues?


Why has DLM suddenly become so aggressive? Of course it may have detected a sudden instability/noise on the line but the speed is still within what BT refer to as 'an acceptable range of speeds' and am concerned BT will try to fob me off in some way!


If BT don't get this sorted I'll be cancelling when the contract is up in a couple of months time.

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