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IP Profile set at 135K despite being reset yesterday? India nightmare

Having been with BT broadband since it was first available in my area and having in the past managed to get any problems resolved in a timely manner I am seriously considering moving all my telecoms/broadband to another supplier.

The current saga started on Saturday with my broadband appearing slow and some noise on the telephone line. I called BT on Sunday morning to report the issue and an engineer was sent to my house on Tuesday morning arriving at 8am as promised - I was impressed (I do pay for premium care on the line). By 12 the engineer had cleared the noise, checked the line speeds etc and told me that I should get about a 4mg connection an improvement on what I had been getting previously - I was really happy! I thought to get the engineer to wait whilst I checked the speed and I was receiving 116kb! He suggested that I call the helpdesk - INDIA who I have now spoken to about 20 times and have been told different stories as to the reasons for the IP profile to be stuck at 135kbps! This afternoon I was assured that within an hour it would be showing an increase in speed - I was told I would be called back by a gentleman in Network Faults who had promised a fast resolution to the problem. The problem is still there and I received no return call. Tonight I rang India again, to be told that I might wait 60 hours for the IP profile to change??


I am confused. In the past I have managed to speak with a lady on the broadband team in the UK who immediately altered the speed improving on what used to be a 1 meg connection - It now appears that this did not happen (according to India) Is there anything I can do to get my IP profile increased in a timely manner or do I have to continue to suffer at the inconsistent thread of BS being fed from the call centres. Can anyone help or do I just move all residential and corporate business from BT? Help would be greatly appreciated.

I must point out that I work from home running 5 companies from 3 offices all currently using BT.


My speed test from tonight is shown below


Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

Download Speed

116 Kbps

0 Kbps 250 Kbps

Max Achievable Speed

Download speed achieved during the test was -

116 Kbps

For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is

50-250 Kbps.

Additional Information:

Your DSL Connection Rate :

4960 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 448 Kbps(UP-STREAM)

IP Profile for your line is -

135 Kbps

If you wish to discuss these results please contact your ISP.

If you are experiencing problems with specific applications, servers or websites please contact your ISP for assistance.

Your test has completed please close this window to exit the performance tester.

Please visit

FAQ section if you are unable To understand the test results.




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Re: IP Profile set at 135K despite being reset yesterday? India nightmare

your profile will rise automatically in 3/5 days if you remain connected 24/7 with no resets


if this is a business connection then you should be on the business forum and not the forum for residential customers

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Re: IP Profile set at 135K despite being reset yesterday? India nightmare

Hi if you leave the hub powered up with no restarts 24/7 for3/5days your ip profile will rise. Automatically The reduction of profile is caused by disconnections and restarts causing the exchange equipment to see the line as unstable and reduces your speed to stabilise the line
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Re: IP Profile set at 135K despite being reset yesterday? India nightmare

I thank you very much for your reply, the contents are noted. However, as a BT customer of many years and having once before had a problem with the broadband being slow (not as slow as it is at the moment) I was once before able to get this matter fixed by speaking to a department in the UK who literally fixed the problem whilst I was on the line - they actually also increased my internet speed, giving me a faster connection. I cannot believe that the service currently being offered can in any way be called progressive from what was available in the past - at least not in a positive sense.

As stated in my earlier post, I run and have in my control several companies, however, thankfully, I am able to base myself at home for some of the time, therefore, my home phone and broadband are residential. It is not a matter of money, which is why I choose to pay for the premium care (quick fault fixing) on my telephone line and if the same was available on broadband and it meant that one could speak to an understanding individual, who was both willing and capable of sorting out broadband issues when they occur, quickly (as has been done in the past) then I have no problem in paying for this either.

My reason for posting late last night on a forum was sheerly out of desperation, as I have already spent in time terms, the best part of a complete day of my time on many, many phonecalls back and fore to India. The last one, approximately 2 minutes ago, speaking to a lady called Sandra in the Network Faults department. I do understand that BT has millions of customers, my question is how long is it going to keep them if it doesn't up its game? I will wait the next 10 minutes to see whether or not I get a return phone call from BT faults and if I don't, the next phone call will be to instruct one of the many service providers.

Latest update - Sandra has rung back and informs me I have another 51 hours to wait during which time, hopefully, I will see an improvement. I am currently holding to speak to the cancellation team! Incidentally, until she realised that I was not in contract, the initial response was 'you will be charged to cancel' - I DON'T THINK SO!!

Now speaking to cancellations, will keep you updated.

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