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Re: IP Profile setting policy

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Where's your proof ...


Supply the links.    🙂

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Re: IP Profile setting policy

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I am please to say that BT has recognized this problem and are doing something about it. In the Openreach GEA-FTTC Fact Sheet they have the following advice to ISPs when implementing FTTC


Dynamic Line Management (DLM) features

Match the way a line is managed to the way

your customer uses it:

 Standard – best overall balance between

speed and stability for general internet


 Stable – prioritise stability over speed for

videoconferencing, home workers and

businesses transferring data and IPTV

 Speed – prioritise speed over stability for

online gamers.


In my own case I have managed to get my profile set to a value that is just short of three times what it was previously. The other factor is that with no other changes my line is now more stable than it was before !


Note that this only resulted from manual intervention by a forum moderator.

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