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IP Profile stuck

Hi, I have BT broadband and was previously receiving a fairly constant speed of around 6 Mbps, however I noticed recently that my speed had dropped. My line stats seem to be okay and after investigating further using the BT speedtester I noticed that my line profile had been set to 2 Mbps.



 Download speedachieved during the test was - 1.85 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 0.4 Mbps-2 Mbps.
 Additional Information:
 Your DSL Connection Rate :8.13 Mbps(DOWN-STREAM), 0.45 Mbps(UP-STREAM)
 IP Profile for your line is - 2 Mbps

ADSL line status

Connection information
Line stateConnected
Connection time3 days, 14:34:04
Downstream8,128 Kbps
Upstream448 Kbps

ADSL settings

ModulationITU-T G.992.1
Latency typeFast
Noise margin (Down/Up)10.6 dB / 27.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up)34.0 dB / 20.5 dB
Output power (Down/Up)19.8 dBm / 12.1 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local)4
Loss of Signal (Local)1
Loss of Power (Local)0
FEC Errors (Down/Up)0 / 0
CRC Errors (Down/Up)1243 / N/A
HEC Errors (Down/Up)

N/A / 0

Error Seconds (Local)4267



My BT Homehub 2 seems to always connect at the full 8 Mbps speed, so I am not sure why the IP profile was altered to such an extent. I have read that it takes 3 days of uptime for the IP profile to be increased again if it has been changed, however it has now been 3 days and around 6 days since first noticing slow speeds and still my profile seems to be 2 Mbps. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: IP Profile stuck

yourprofile appears stuck at 2mb  as you have the 3+ days to show stable connection then contact the mods and get it kicked into action   should be 7150  

contact mods

can take up to 3/5 working days for mods to contact you

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