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IP address hub problem - nothing connects

I have a BT smart hub type A. I can connect devices to it, but all devices say connected, no internet. My hub has a consistent blue light, so there is obviously internet.

This happens almost daily to one device or other. I phoned BT about it a couple of months ago. They reset the hub, it worked for a few days.

I now have to reset the hub almost daily, even then it doesn't always work. It hasn't worked today 

I ran a troubleshoot on my laptop earlier and got "WiFi doesn't have a valid IP connection". I have tried to report a fault online, but it just comes back as speed is good (it probably is... If I could connect!).

Reading helpful posts on the community (thank you 😁) it looks like I need a new hub. I've repeatedly called the fault line, but it keeps disconnecting 😠 I have no wifi and I'm trying to work from home.  I can't use all of my mobile data up!

Any help with alternative solutions? How can I arrange a new hub online? 


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Re: IP address hub problem - nothing connects

if you have HH6 then try turning off smart setup.  you can also split the 204/5ghz networks which often helps with wifi devices

to get a new replacement hub you need to phone 151 and report a faulty hub

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