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IP profile and noise margin reset

Can anybody help, my question is do I need a IP profile and noise margin reset

 I had BT infinity 2 connected on 29 Jan 2014 by Openreach the connection was constantly dropping with many disconnects through the day and night the longest time the Router stayed connected was just over 1 day and this only happened once. Made a silent call test this was OK at the time. I then made a line test this came back with (The problem is probably located within BT's network. The Openreach Engineer is currently working to fix the fault. You will be contacted shortly to update you with our progress.) The engineer said he had found 1 underground fault also a fault in the cabinet, something about the battery he also replaced the cable from the telegraph pole to the house, very helpful engineer.

I understand that the router has to retrain for up to 10 days but it still resets and the VDSL run time returns to 0 how can I get to 3 to 10 days?


Result just before line fault repairs

4. Board version: BT Hub 5A

5. VDSL uptime: 0 days, 00:57:39

6. Data rate: 12000 / 52776

7. Maximum data rate: 21198 / 61311

8. Noise margin: 12.5 / 6.7

 9. Line attenuation: 0.0 / 14.9

10. Signal attenuation: 0.0 / 14.9


This is the latest result

4. Board version: BT Hub 5A

5. VDSL uptime: 0 days, 07:40:47

6. Data rate: 15000 / 50101

7. Maximum data rate: 19978 / 63296

8. Noise margin: 6.6 / 6.6

9. Line attenuation: 0.0 / 14.5

10. Signal attenuation: 0.0 / 14.5


When ordering Infinity the Estimated download speed range 63MB -80MB Estimated upload
speed range 20MB – 20MB

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Re: IP profile and noise margin reset

Ask the engineer to request a profile reset once the fault is fixed. However if he doesn't, DLM will raise your speed automatically in a few days anyway

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Re: IP profile and noise margin reset

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