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IP profile speed and data rate

Just when I think I have got to grips with this I get confused again! I was wondering if there is an internet connection for dummies around!! 🙂  I have tried reading this page but a lot of the technical stuff goes over my head.


I have just been given my speed boost (which is cool) and I live just under 150m from the cabinet. I have a brand new line from the pole to the house as well so I expected a reasonable speed. I am getting 68-69 point something Mbps speeds on BT wholesale checker and the same on This seemed less than I expected (I expected about 72Mbps).


Though when I look at the IP profile it is 71.69 which would give the speeds there. But what confuses me is that the current data rate on the hub is 77964.


What is reducing the data rate down so much? And why am I not achieving the maximum data rate?


Thank you for your time! Untitled.jpg



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Re: IP profile speed and data rate

Put very simplified, the sync rate is the speed of the DSL signal including all the overheads, the IP profile is the actual usable data speed. The max data rate will vary as it is just a guess by the hub at what speed it would sync given the noise margin at the time.


At the end of the day you would notice absolutely no difference whatsoever between 79M and 77M

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Re: IP profile speed and data rate

the data rate shown is the connection speed whereas the download speed is shown by the speedtest checkers.  the DSLchecker shows connection speed not download speed

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