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IP routing problems connecting to, and related sites

Is there a problem today we should know about? 20 minute waits to get through to technical support seems unusual.


My problem is I can't acces Runescape or Jagex websites since 9:30 am this morning, Ping and tracert time out on these sites.  


I have spent hours trying to sort this out and reported it to BT technical support but no one has got back to me. I found this post on Reddit: 

"Just been updated by BT Support that there is in fact an IP routing Issue which they say has been temporarily fixed by using this Address "" . Although this may well not work if there is too much traffic (advised by BT). Personally i can not get this to work so hopefully it will be resolved properly in the next 24-36 hours (this is what i was told)" 


I have not had anything like this happen before and all other websites I tried are OK. BT please can you tell us what the problem is and whether this is a regular issue for customers or just a one off?


I have finally managed to speak to somone in technical support and they confirmed that its a known issue and will be resolved in 24 hours. Not good.   

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