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IPC 6023 error on BT Sport HD

Hello, this appears to be a common, yet irritating, issue.


Over the past couple of months I have increasingly been plagued by the dreaded IPC 6023 error when trying to watch a BT Sport HD channel. I can switch to the SD version and continue to watch the game no problem but since I'm paying extra to receive BT HD then I really would like to watch in HD!


I have no power line adaptors and have reset all equipment involved/checked all connections/changed cables countless times but to no avail 😞 My broadband connection reports decent enough speeds circa 40 Mbps and this problem often seems to affect only the channel I want to watch (I.e the other sports channels that I'm not interested in appear to be relatively OK).


I was unable to watch a number of events in HD recently and I've got to the stage where I'm getting fed up with it all. I am not getting the service for which I am paying.


Is there any way this can be resolved before I give up?

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BT TV Expert
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Re: IPC 6023 error on BT Sport HD

Hello @divenow67


Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues, if you wish to contact me directly with your details, would be happy to see what I can do for you.



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Re: IPC 6023 error on BT Sport HD

Thanks Martin, message sent.

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Re: IPC 6023 error on BT Sport HD

Well thanks for looking into this Martin, but, after letting me know that there was a known local issue which some work had just been carried out on by Openreach, it's an all too familiar ( non HD ) picture here...


Thought I'd try and watch the Leicester v Chelsea game this evening - that lasted just over 7 minutes whereupon it's back to square one. IPC 6023 issues!!!! This isn't acceptable and I will need to investigate at least a refund of my HD subscription and then probably go elsewhere for my broadband / sports tv. Rather disappointing I must say...

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Re: IPC 6023 error on BT Sport HD

I appreciate you looking into this, however, we are more than one month on from IPC errors beginning to appear and, it appears, despite a lot of effort on various fronts the problem is not rectified and, worse than that, there is no solution on the horizon.

I've left it a while but I feel the time has come to switch suppliers.


I will be looking into what Virgin Media have on offer in my street in due course.

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