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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

On the off chance it will help someone else having the same issues and banging their head against the same brick wall...


Its taken many, many calls and online chat sessions (going round in circles) but BT finally admitted a fault.  No surprise its a multicast issue.  Needs to be sorted at their end.  It will take 2 months (!) to fix.  Customer service has been poor at best. Wont refund any money until the fault is fixed (which makes no sense at all).  Wondering if I did the right thing leaving Sky now...

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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

I recently fixed an anoying random IPC6023 error, I though it Was a multicast issue at BT's end, but turns out I was wrong.

My setup is an ASUS - RT-AC68U which works perfectly with BTTV, buit I had also converted the BT home hub 4 into a wireless access point.

It works fine alot of the time but at random the BT home hub's multicast proxy, kicks in and thinks its a the multicast proxy for my network and causes a massive data loop between the ASUS router and itself and kills the internet connection and brings about the IPC6023 error.


I've replaced the home hub 4 used as a wireless access point it with a BT home hub 5a flashed to Open WRT which is now working perfectly, and far, far better as a router than with OPEN WRT than the BT software, less crashing massive impecably stability. it's debatable which router is acually better, the ASUS or the HH5a flashed to open WRT.

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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

Im glad this worked for you but  it  hasn't worked  to me [ ad I dont use powerlines adaptors to cnnect my box or hub .]


I ve had the same  probelm for months now. [intemittant  pixelalting and freezing of BT extra channles  - often every 5  minutes - but sometimes itmight nt happen  for hours  or sometimes days ]  .Having exhausted BT's  apalling  call centres [ who just parrot  a mantra each and every evertime  you  call and of course speak to a diffenrt person each time  - who goes through the same scripted rigamarole  ] , I wrote to  Gavin Patterson [ Chief Exec] in frustration .I was promptly allocated the  EXCUTIVE complaints and tech team in Durham or Newcastle . They regualrly ring and suggest various fixes   - BUT NOTHING HAS WORKED despite them workog on the problem for over a month now .


Since  this problem started  ive had : countless router reboots  / box resets , changed ports , changed my  ethernet connecting cables , ive had  2 BT  engineer visits .  had 2 new  BT/you view boxes [to replace the new one I got in the autumn ] . In addtion    I've had 1 new BT hub 5A [ supplied with wrong powercable !  - To relace my Hub 3  !] . Iv'e  also disconnected  my router from  the open reach modem [ it was oroganlly connected by ethernet cable - NOT  a powerlines  ]  . The new hub 5A is  now connected via  wi fi / direct  by phone line  . Additonally my BT infninty speed has been upped [ at extra cost  i might add  ! ] from 36 to 72 mb and they've  monoitored the line speed for spikes [ which  they say DO exit but  which dont seem to coincide with tv break up / freezing  ], ;  they've also  tweaked settings this at their  end . Not one of these fixes  has made ANY diffence at all .


They are now looking ito  checking / replacing   "mulitcast" "boards"at the  local echange . However a week has gone by and  the problem is worse if anything.


My  BT Extra channles are  completly unwatchable or unrecordable with so many failures [ often every 5 minutes - once the proablem  starts for some  reason ].  BT  seems to have no idea  what the cause of the  problem  is  - or if they do they're not saying .  I wonder if others are having this problems in the Epsom area or of its wider?  . My only option  I suspect will be to cancel my  BT contract for extra tv  channels [ my internt generally works fine ] and demand compemsation [ including  something for my  frustration ]  as well breach of  contract  - since i m not reciving the promised service . In addtion I will also be seeking compensation for  having my  infinfy  uprgraded to 72 mb infinoty which i was told might solve the issue  - but to no avial . 

Before I take this action - does anyone one have any ideas  ? - As it seems BT dont .

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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

Hi @ChrisLF,


I am sorry to hear about all of the problems you've had trying to get this fixed. I'd like to get this investigated for you and do our best to get it working as soon as possible. You can reach my team by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. We'll pick it up and get back in touch with you.





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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

Hi, like many before me I have a problem with IPC 6023 errors ...

I replaced my BT Home Hub 5 with a Draytek Vigor 130 modem and a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router, the main reason for this is because of the constant dropping of the Wireless signal by the BT box. This has worked perfectly, though I am surprised that the range of the signal is no better, is that normal ?

However, my main reason for writing is because since the change I have been unable to get ANY of my BT Internet channels to work, I just get an IPC 6023 error. If I retune my channels I am told that I have 173 TV Aerial channels and 99 Subscription channels . If I go into settings then I can confirm that I have an Internet connection & I can access the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, BT TV & Milkshake, though not NetFlix for some reason.

I have been into the Router's settings and in WAN Setup I have unchecked the Disable IGMP Proxying box and checked the Support British Telecom (BT)IGMP Proxying. This made no difference so I went into the Advanced Setup & into VLAN / Bridge settings and enabled Wired Port 1, the Port to the BT box ... however, I then lost total access to the internet on the TV so have disabled it again.

When I tried to access NetFlix it told me that my download speed was 13.56 so surely the dowbload speed is not an issue. Can you please advise what I can try now, I pay for these extra channels but can't watch them Smiley Sad

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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

Hello @StellaMan


It's worth checking out this post regarding 3rd party routers. If you have a wired connection (with no powerline adaptors) I would suggest this is the issue. Does the problem occur if you test with a BT Hub?


Kind regards, 


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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

There are no Powerline Adapters, no, and I haven't retried with my HH as I have to retrieve it from the shed at the bottom of the garden and it's too cold and wet to do that today 🙂 !!!

I have looked at that link and my modem is not mentioned, though a Netgear R6300 is ... however it is explaining some weird setup that includes using a Powerline (whatever that is) and 2 Youview boxes connected to other Powerlines ... I have no idea what that is all about !!!

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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

Okay are those test channels still vaild as I get zero with vlc or tsreaderlite but I plug the hub into the youview box I can see the 4k channels.


The problem I've got is that I have vigor 130 and vigor 2960 and when I plug the youview into that I get ipc6023 error.

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Re: IPC6023 - Advanced Diagnosis

Hi, I’ve just recently gone from Sky to BT TV and am having the same problems as you had last year. New router and filter unit, nothing seems to work. My Son lives in the next road with BT TV and he gets the same. I’m in contact with a department in BT who are looking into it. An engineer came today who tested my line and chanted the filter box, while chatting to him it seems he also gets this problem on his BT TV. Has no idea why.

Reading all these posts it seems this has been going on for years. As an ex BT employee I am very surprised they have not fixed the problem yet. It seems it’s more widespread than I imagined.

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