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IPC6023 error - ongoing frustrations



Having read a bunch of threads regarding intermittent breakage of mulitcast channels, I believe I have a similar problem associated at Network level rather than my individual house set up.


The Channels, particularly Eurosport and BT Sport, work fine for for a length of time before they black out with the IPC6023 error.


Usually they last around 5 minutes before this happens, but sometimes stable enough to last for an hour.


This has been going on for around 4 months, and in that period I have received a You View box to replace my BT Vision box, but the error is still present.


I usually use a HH5, but at the weekend purchased a TP-Link TD-W9980 and got it working with multicast stream. Unfortunetely, the exact same issues are still occuring.


So, I have now tested with two different set top boxes and two different routers, with no solution.


I get regular stable 50MBS+ download speed for broadband and streaming via PC,a nd all connections are Ethernet between to modem and set top box. I have tried various ports and various ethernet cables.


Went through support once with regards to the BT Vision box, resetting box and checking for line errors etc. No visible errors were identified with the line. The help consultant suggested the new You View box was likely to fix the issue - unfortunately it did not.


Like I said above, I am quite technical but have exhausted any "self-help" tasks I think could work (including the tip to change manual DNS settings on the YouView box).


Any help would be appreciated.


many thanks,






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Re: IPC6023 error - ongoing frustrations

Just out of curiosity, do you use powerline adaptors? If so, I would advise you to ditch them and use a cable connection, otherwise, you will be having this issue most of the time. I was using powerline adaptors before, and the TV had mostly the same errors you do, eventually, I change to cable and the errors are gone. 


I keep seeing a lot of threads on this forum about the BT TV and their errors. My advice to everyone is to use a cable connection, BT does advertise that TV works well with powerline adaptors, but I don't believe it. The signal traveling on a cat 5 or cat 6 cables is way better than traveling via an electrical cable. 

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Re: IPC6023 error - ongoing frustrations

Thanks for the reply.

The VDSL router/HH5 is connected directly to the phoneline wall socket, and connected to the You View box by ethernet.

I have additional power line cable runing from the Hub to link to my PC in another room, but the connection between the hub and the box is all wired.
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Re: IPC6023 error - ongoing frustrations

Hi @Porgey,


I tried calling today, sorry I missed you. Has there been any improvement with the IPC6023 error code? Are you still having problems? can you post back and let me know how you're getting on?





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