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Re: IPv6 Setup on Netgear D7000

I wonder if Netgear are in the same boat as TP-Link and Linksys and don't support DHCPv6 /56 prefix delegation.  I may be wrong but it's looking that way.


I had assumed it would, going by the info in the manual, for example:

Router’s IPv6 Address On WAN. This field shows the IPv6 address that is acquired for the modem router’s

WAN (or Internet) interface. The number after the slash (/) is the length of the prefix, which is also indicated by the underline (_) under the IPv6 address.


Oddly enough I sent a query to Netgear at 3:49 this afternoon for the D7000.  About whether it had support for the way UK ISPs and specifically BT did IPv6.  Waiting on reply.


Found a few forums saying that the D7000 does not support IPv6 /56.  Google for something like ' anyone got a Netgear D7000 working with IPv6 with a UK ISP'  or similar.  So seems paragraph 1 above applies.

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Re: IPv6 Setup on Netgear D7000

Well thanks to both of you for trying to help, I guess it just doesnt support IPv6 the way bt does it. How important is IPv6 and should I use it in 6to4 tunnel or have it disabled?

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Re: IPv6 Setup on Netgear D7000

Sorry we couldn't help more.  On or off, it's up to you, you could try tunnelling if you like.  At the moment I don't suppose it matters to most people.  I run my FTP server IPv6 only.  Makes it harder to find for the folks running scanners, zero access attempts since turning off  IPv4.  So it's useful to me now, more so in the future for others.


Apparently Netgear have been aware of the issue over a year and are supposedly 'working on it'.  Cold comfort, I'm afraid.

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