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IPv6, Smart Hub 2

Now I am in no way tech savvy so if you are going to ask me something please explain it to the fullest.

I am a streamer and do so through my Xbox. When streaming i use a website called lghtstream for my overlays. Recently the platform I streamed on has decided to merge elsewhere so I have had to move to twitch-That being the case some problems have arisen. Now to use lightstream settings have had to be changed etc. Today was my first stream back and i noticed that nothing was working so i contacted them for help and was told to make sure that my xbox doesnt use IPv6 but only IPv4 as apparently IPv6 bypasses their servers. Now of course my xbox is  using both and I cant figure out how to turn it off.  If you have any ideas i will be extremely grateful! (I have a smart hub 2)

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Re: IPv6, Smart Hub 2

You have to turn it off on the Xbox, you can't turn it off on the hub.

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Re: IPv6, Smart Hub 2

There is no way to turn it off on the xbox

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Re: IPv6, Smart Hub 2

Then you are stuck with it.

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