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IPv6 dynamic prefix? WAT

Hey folks,


So finally I have native IPv6 on BT Infinity. Excellent...


... except it turns out that, after all these years of waiting, what we end up with is a *dynamic* /56.


Oh Glory.  Seriously.  WHAT (if anything) IS BT THINKING.


I can't put it better than this:


At the very least, the prefix needs to be made 'sticky' for the CPE mac address.


So I'm going to have to stick with my henet 6in4 tunnel, and then of course some BT beancounter is going to carry on thinking 'no demand for ipv6'...


Le sigh.


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Re: IPv6 dynamic prefix? WAT

I suspect that BT are thinking that this is a residential product.  The people using it are supposed to be consumers, not producers.  They probably don't want people running their own web servers on it.

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Re: IPv6 dynamic prefix? WAT

You're right. I only recently discovered how to use the delegated /56 IPv6 prefix on my Cisco router at home, and having made a large number of changes, I decided to do a test reboot of the router, and lo and behold, the prefix has changed.


Thanks, thank you, wonderful, stupid, nonsensical, hopeless, ridiculous BT.


This really takes the biscuit for stupidity.

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Re: IPv6 dynamic prefix? WAT

They'd be right that it's a residential product, but that doesn't mean it has to be ****.


A significant number of people really do only consume, but it's perfectly fine for home users to produce their own content. That's not something that is (or should ever be) reserved for businesses.


I can understand reasons for an ISP of BT's size to not want to commit to static prefixes over a customer's entire lifetime (because it makes it hard to adjust their internal network allocations without having lots of little routes everywhere for each customer), but they certainly shouldn't be changing on every reconnect.

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Re: IPv6 dynamic prefix? WAT

Get this as well: I called BT and after getting some sense finally from the executive complaints team, they told me that there is NO PLAN to provide static IPv6 delegated prefixes to residential customers.


Ho hum. So they said they might be able to do it for a business account, and I jumped at this, saying that if that were true, I would go for it yesterday.


They got someone from BT Business to call me and after finally speaking with someone with the tech know-how, he told me that they cannot  offer static IPv6 even to business customers, at least not at the moment. I hardly need to point out how useless that is for businesses wishing to set up public servers on IPv6.


I suspect (conspiracy theory warning!) that there is a strategy to make companies wanting static IPv6 pay for some vastly expensive additional service. Or maybe in future it will be available. Right now, who knows.

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