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If I had ANY choice I would not still be with BT! Awful customer service for home move...

Having been a customer of BT at my old address for over 5 years, I assumed moving home with them would be a fairly easy process.  Oh! How wrong was I!


Early in May I notified BT that I needed a 'home move' of telephone and broadband on 26th June as I was buying a new build...there seemed to be no problem with this at the time.  As the date neared I changed with the developer that Openreach had been out to lay the new infinity lines (which is what you'd expect on a brand new build) and was told they had been out but had found some old copper lines there and so re-used them.  I was surprised but thought 'at least the lines are in'.


BT then told me I would have to wait 4 weeks for a telephone line and then some time after that they would come back to sort out broadband!  I explained that I partially worked from home and this would seriously affect my phone data usage causing me massive bills but they stated that the earliest an engineer could come out was 21st July to switch the phone on.


Obviously I was not happy, and then I started getting calls from an Indian call centre (I don't know where in India this call centre is but the staff have a very strong dialect which is hard to understand) telling me that they could not transfer my telephone number because my current provider would not allow it.  "BT is my current provider, how can it not allow itself to transfer a number from half a mile away in the same small town?" I said but, he just keep repeating the same thing until I said "just give me any number as long as you get my broadband on!"  I was then told to book the 21st off work so the engineer could come and switch my line to 'on' which I duly did.


I have been counting down the days to be honest and then yesterday I got a text saying 'sorry we can't do 21st, it will now be 28th'.  I called, got the Indian call centre again and was told its Open Reach's fault (that has been BT's 'go to' position throughout the whole situation - anyone would think that OpenReach isn't wholley owned by BT!) and that there was nothing they could do.   Again I explained about my rising data bills and was told that I could have a broadband dongle but that I would have to put my phone sim in it and use its data - how is that any different from what I am doing already?!


I then said I expected to get my first month for free to partially offset the costs from the 5 weeks using my mobile and was told that any compensation was decided by offcom but the maximum allowance would be £20!


The whole process is a complete joke and BT are trading on the fact that they have a monopoly on large swathes of the country because Virgin don't lay lines on any new builds any more and BT own all the lines for every other provider.  It's disgusting that no-one can contact OpenReach, customer service is horrific from BT and that its so slow to get your phoneline transferred (and not even keep the same number).


If I had any other option, I would not choose BT but they know that many of us are stuck with them hence the lack of customer service.

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Re: If I had ANY choice I would not still be with BT! Awful customer service for home move...

Hi Ashiki,


Welcome and thanks for posting. Getting a line into a new build can take longer than switching an existing line over but I can take a look at this for you if you wish. Send me over the details. You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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