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If only BT new I was getting FTTC I would never have left...

I left BT as was paying way too much for 3.5mb ADSL compared to rivals. With FTTC all over the town but not at the enclave of 100 new build home on their own phone cable and street box where I live and no word from BT or any online checker of an impending upgrade, we sadly parted company. Within a month, in goes FTTC, just for the 100 homes, the Openreach guys were happy to tell me about the new box and its 254 fibre connections with room for 254 more.


I even registered on the BT site for info should infinity become available ages ago, but never been contacted.


Seems a shame, but can always consider coming back when my current contract expires, FTTC and BT Sports would have kept me.




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