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If your thinking about getting bt broadband Don't !!!

Its now 5 weeks , since we got connected, and I use that word very loosely, I have spent about 8 hrs on the phone to India

going through the same tests , over Andover again, tried to get out of the contract, they say it will cost me 257 pounds  to get out of a contract , that has never been fit for purpose , they say they will call back ,  nothing...  When they do  gess what , lets do the same  checks and tests again ,  I'm beside my self !!! 

I finally have an engineer coming to the house on Thursday ,  after almost loosing it  with the gentleman from India, ,so if you value your health do not sign up with bt broadband . ill let u all know what happens after thursday.

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Re: If your thinking about getting bt broadband Don't !!!

Did you ever try what john suggested on your other thread -


Because if there is a fault after the master socket, you may end up with a £130 charge:(

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Re: If your thinking about getting bt broadband Don't !!!

Telling everyone not to use BT just because you have a problem is a bit unfair don't you think? 1000's of people sign up without any problems including myself.


There are two options here, either there is a fault or problem on your side of the master socket in which case it is in no way the fault of BT.  Or they are not supplying a BB signal to your master socket which is their fault.


If the second option is true then there is no way they could demand you to pay £257 to get out of the contract since they have not supplied their side of the contract!


Does your router/hub actually sync with the exchange? Have you checked in the router settings to see what is going on?


If the DSL light is showing on your router it must surely be a problem with your system.


You must make sure the fault or problem is not on your side of the master socket or they will charge you for a callout for sure. 🙂

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Re: If your thinking about getting bt broadband Don't !!!

Been with BT for about 12 years now and I've had a few problems which always get sorted, but nothing as long as what you're experiencing. BT's Customer services is pretty terrible I've rang them up a few times to report a problem and always go through the same steps even if I tell them I alrdy did it all. We got given a direct number to the UK based tech support but lost the number. The technicians are really brilliant and helpful, I've talked to one who came to house to run some tests and 2 others who were working on the street cabinet in my local town.


A suggestion, next time you ring them ask for a support number which you can quote to them so they know what's been done on the line even though they should really alrdy know this as there should be notes with your account when you ring them.

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Re: If your thinking about getting bt broadband Don't !!!

Like most major companies, everything's fine until something goes wrong, then you're usually on the end of appaling customer service for what seems like eternity.


One thing is certain - there is no way on earth they will release you from a contract unless it will cost them more to fix the problem than it will to release you.

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