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Images in email

Hi I cannot view an amazon QR code, i get a url instead... no option to view images etc.

Images are set to allow all, i've reset that to no avail.


what is very odd is that if i forward the mail to android, its fine but not to iphone, download remote image is set to ON,  the image is also fine in outlook client.

But as i can't see it in BT mail, that must be the cause? 


cheers andy.

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Re: Images in email

Assuming you are using the BTMail system on your other devices and when using Outlook email client there would appear to be nothing wrong with the QR code being sent and received by the BTMail system and may be a browser problem. 

On which device does this happen and how are you accessing your BTMail when this happens?

If it is on a browser which browser are you using?

Have you tried a different browser?

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Re: Images in email

Hi, Done a bit more testing, if i send a normal pic, a jpg attachment, i can click on it and open.... if i resend the QR code i get a winmail.dat which cannot open, all within BT webmail

all good in outlook, doesnt matter if i use a different browser, Chrome or IE.


google tells me this is an apple and a bt mail issue.... 


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