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Impossible to claim BT reward card NUMBER 2

Also at my wits end with the shambolic BT customer services.


Here is my story.


27th November, over the Internet I ordered BTTV, broadband, phone and mobile package. Giving me a £150 reward card and £20 Amazon voucher for the mobile.


5th December mobile phone transferred from Vodafone to BT, could have been quicker but not too bad. Everything completed and when you go into My BT on the website the CLOSED ORDER showed up pretty quickly and I was able to start claiming my Amazon voucher of £20.


8th December, installation date for everything, so apart from one or 2 installation issues everything went smoothly. Please note everything installed and COMPLETED. Nothing left to do, so the open order under my BT should be getting closed soon, therefore enabling me to claim the BT reward card.


Oh no, not by a long shot. I waited a couple of days for the open order to go to closed. And even in the open order it was showing at the bottom, everything is complete and the order should be closed soon.


14 DEC i then live chatted online with, I presume the BT Indian call centre, explained the situation, got shunted about, and clearly asked could the ORDER BE CLOSED, to enable me to claim the reward card. Reply no problem mr Bain wait 24 hours and all will be done.


15 Dec I now notice that in the My BT part the open order has now been deleted, only the closed order for the mobile is there.


16 DEC, again live chatted online asking what's happening. I have this transcript sent to me, and Pushkar says "I have the order showing as CANCELLED and this was place day by you online". Unbelievable, totally unbelieveable.


pushkar the goes away and says "I have checked this with our customer options desk and they have placed the order for reward card for you". Also giving me a reward card reference number.


so I finished there expecting everything to be ok and get my card through. Just before Xmas I receive my Amazon card for the mobile, so good.


17 Jan I look up my bt again, and it is still saying "your package order is in progress, your order is due to complete Thursday 15 December!!


so again I live chat to someone. All the stupid questions again. Your order is still open until its closed you cannot claim the reward card. I repeat time and time and time again ,everything has been COMPLETED, EVERYTHING. Again shunted from pillar to post, the same questions, the same replies, getting no where. Eventually left at the stage where the person says that they have forwarded this directly onto the reward card team and will get a reply within the next 48 hours.


So frustrating, absolutely disgusted by this " we don't care" " we don't a have a clue" attitude.


i ask for this transcript to be forwarded. Nothing received. I am assured that this team will solve this seemingly SIMPLE request.


18 Jan, just received the email from the rewards card team. This is there reply "Thank you for your patience while we've been investigating this matter. I need to inform you that your order is still open, so once the order is complete you will be able to claim the voucher".


Please please please, what more can I do here. The incompetence of BT here is quite staggering.


Is there any BT employees on here who can sort this disgraceful situation out here?


please help.

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Re: Impossible to claim BT reward card NUMBER 2

Hi @mailshot


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community forum!


Sorry that the order is still open which is stopping you from claiming for the rewards card.  I understand that the service is all in and working so the order should really be complete by now.


Send us over your details and we'll take a closer look at this.  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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Re: Impossible to claim BT reward card NUMBER 2

Hi, i have responded using the contact link, here's hoping that this can get sorted.

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Re: Impossible to claim BT reward card NUMBER 2

Hi, Can i check that this issue is being looked at please?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Impossible to claim BT reward card NUMBER 2

The information you have sent goes to the forum moderation team who are a small team of UK based BT specialists who take personal ownership of problems posted on the forum and they provide a single point of contact in the UK they will contact you by email or phone within 5 working days and will stay InTouch with you until fully resolved
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