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Improve Whole Home Wi-Fi speeds?


I was looking for some advice please.

I purchased the Home Wifi triple pack (1st gen) on Tuesday, got them set up but not getting the speeds I was expecting. 

Router Set up:

  • Smart Hub 2 in modem only mode
  • Turned off Smart setup

Disc set up: 

  • 1st disc in living room connected to Smart Hub 2 via Ethernet
  • Positioned 2nd disc in landing via Wi-Fi (blue light)
  • Positioned 3rd disc in bedroom via Wi-Fi (blue light) and connected to computer via Ethernet


  • My house is 3 bed detached and timber frame

I appear to be getting close to full speed on disc one via Wi-Fi, with ok speeds on 2-3 - but I am trying to improve these if possible, current speed tests give anything around 120mb on my phone via Wi-Fi on disc 2 and around 90-100mb on my computer on disc 3 via Ethernet and the same on my phone via Wi-Fi.

On my computer, which is connected to disc 3 via Ethernet, I can clearly see that my computer is negotiating with the disc at 1.0 Gpbs so it isn’t limited to 100mb.

Tests so far:

  • Changed Ethernet cable between disc 3/computer
  • Ran Ethernet cable directly to disc 2 (with & without disc 3 turned off)
  • Booted PC into Linux to rule out Windows issue (didn’t think this was an issue given my phone gives similar results)
  • Amended 5Ghz channel
  • Amended disc topology from ‘default’ to ‘Prefer Daisy Chain’ (this is back to ‘default’)
  • Discs are on most recent firmware (also opted in for Early Adopter)
  • Moving disc 3 to downstairs hallway to be between disc 1 & 2

Overview page shows all discs having a ‘Good’ connection (even for disc one connected via Ethernet to the router). Looking on the BT app it shows the discs as all being in an ‘Excellent’ location.

Disc Status page

Disc 1

  • Connection Status: Excellent
  • Connection Type: Ethernet

Disc 2

  • Connection Status: Good
  • Connection Type: Wi-Fi (5GHz)
  • Signal Strength: -64dBm
  • Channel: 48

Disc 3

  • Connection Status: Good
  • Connection Type: Wi-Fi (5GHz)
  • Signal Strength: -58dBm
  • Channel: 48

I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can try before returning these, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Improve Whole Home Wi-Fi speeds?


How did you program  connection disc to hub to be ethernet rather than wi fi?

My disc is connected ethernet as an experiment but some devices use the ethernet and others use WI fi to connect hub to disc assuming you can believe what the app tells you or what you can see when you log on to hub.

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