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Re: Improved ADSL performance - is it real?

Thanks for that input Ian. Everything comes at a price. You may find this a useful link:


A modem from Billion is recommended.


For myself I've decided to try line bonding - also discussed on that site. Hopefully this will double my speed, but at a price. I ordered an extra line from BT in late December. The order was first delayed and then cancelled. A second order was placed and then cancelled - both times automatically by the BT computer. A third order has been placed but no delivery has been promised. Doing business with BT requires a lot of patience and a sense of humour.

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Re: Improved ADSL performance - is it real?

A billion won't allow you to change the SNR on a FTTC connection, however, the chipsets and modem are some of the best out there, so they *may* improve the speed and/or stability of the line.

Be aware that line bonding/load balancing can give better aggregate speeds, however, it does also run the risk of crosstalk affecting both lines resulting in a combined speed that's not a massive net increase over the one line.
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