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Improvements to community structure

Hi Everyone,


I want to let you know of a few improvements we are making to our community.  In particular, the current structure of the categories and boards.  With great consideration we have decided to simplify the categories by reducing the total number as well as reducing the number of overall boards we offer.  While we are reducing the number of boards there will still be a place to discuss all our products and services Smiley Happy


Here is an overview of the changes that are being made,


Community and Announcements


This category will remain unchanged. This category will still include 4 boards, Announcements, Guides & Community Updates, The Lounge, & Community feedback & suggestions and Ideas Bank


Broadband connections and broadband extras


This will be changed to Broadband connections, Extras & BT Devices

We have simplified the names of the boards contained within this category

We have decided to create a brand new board to host all discussion about BT’s devices. This topic is very busy so it seems natural to give the subject its own board.  The new board will be called BT Devices

The ‘Ask the experts Q&A’ board will be hidden from the community until such time when we host another Q&A event.

The name of the ‘Broadband extras from BT’ will change to ‘Broadband extras and apps from BT’.

The ‘Apps from BT’ board currently located under the BT mobile section will be merged into this new board.




This category will be renamed to BT TV including BT Sport.

Two boards which currently fall under the BT Sport category will be merged together and moved to sit under this new category.

The ‘Watching BT Sport via the app or online’ and ‘BT Sport on the box’ boards will be merged together and the new title of the board will be named, ‘BT Sport on TV, Online player or App’.

The ‘BT Sport board' will also sit under the BT TV including BT Sport category but this will also invite questions around TV content so the board name will change to ‘TV Content including BT Sport’




This category will be renamed ‘Landline and Mobile’ and will contain two boards.

The Phone board will be renamed to landline 

The ‘Mobile’ board will be moved to sit under the new category




This category and board will remain unchanged


Billing & packages


This category will remained unchanged


I am also happy to report that we will be making more improvements to the community over the next few months so watch this space.


Please bear with use while we make these changes.  It will require us to move some content from one board to another, change the names of categories and boards as well as creating brand new boards.  We will have all the work completed by this evening so we really appreciate your patience.




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Re: Improvements to community structure

Hi Everyone,


Thank you very much for your patience while we made the changes to the community structure.  Most of the work was completed last night but moving content over to the new ‘BT Device board’ took longer than expected.  Thanks to @PaddyB for his help with this.


As we have moved quite a bit of content from different boards and removed a few boards I think its best to explain where to find your post if you are struggling.


The best way to get back to a thread you have posted on is by clicking on your username, you will then find your post activity and can click on the thread to get back to the conversation.


If you have posted on the ‘Apps from BT’ board then all this content has been moved over to the newly named, ‘Broadband extras and Apps from BT’.  The Apps from BT board has been removed so we could not leave placeholders for the recent threads moved over.  Sorry if this has caused any confusion.


If you have posted on the ‘Watching BT Sport online of via the App’ then your thread has been moved into the newly named, ‘BT Sport on TV, Online player or App’.  Again we could not leave placeholders because the board was removed.


Finally if you have posted any question around BT Devices like the Whole Home Wi-fi system then you will find your thread in the newly created ‘BT Devices’ board.  Any thread which has attracted a post within the last 5 days will have a placeholder left on the old board.  This will link you back to that discussion.  If your thread has not seen a post within the last 5 days then there will be no placeholder, but you will find this, either through your profile, or on the BT Devices board.


Thanks again for bearing with us and you will hear from me again soon, with news on more improvements that we will be making.  




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