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Improving email on PC's

The welcome page says you are intending to improve BT e-mail. Could you correct the problems you introduced when you last "improved" the system, please? Whilst reading e-mails on my mobile is fine, the service on PC's is now worse. In particular, PC-email often doesn't update, though I can see new messages on my mobile's view of BTmail.  In the previous version, once you had opened an e-mail, the heading went from bold text to normal, and stayed that way, Now, if you re-read an e-mail, it goes back into bold, making it look unread. This week we have twice had errors  when composing e-mails, resulting in all the typed message disappearing, despite attempts to save it. 

Perhaps BT's priority is the email service to mobiles, but for longer messages and attaching documents, using it on a PC should be easier than on a mobile.  

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Re: Improving email on PC's

@emailuserdjp welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry that you've been having issues with the new BT email user interface.

I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team as our email team would like to investigate the problems you've been having. 

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