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Inability to tell BT a new credit card number

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I have had a broadband account since 2002. I pay it by direct debit from a visa card. Every time the card is replaced by the card issuer I have to go through a palaver to get BT to accept that I have a new card with a new number. Now, in 2011, there seems to be no means of contacting them through the web site, the phone support connected me to some foreign sounding guy who denied I had an account at all, the email support promised to reply some time in the future, and I haven't had a reply to a letter I sent to the BT Correspondence Centre in Durham.


Now they say they'll cut me off because I haven't paid. Grrrr.... !


Does anyone know either (1) You tell these guys the new credit card number or even better (2) How I arrange matters to have the broadband charge addd to my phone bill ?

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Re: Inability to tell BT a new credit card number

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I had broadband added to my phone bill without asking however re credit cards there seems to be a techinical problem. Look at my fairly long thread re charging to a credit card when I did not ask for it.

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